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55 gallon tank
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  1. Saltwater Fish
    I'm obsessed with royal grammas...I want to get a 55 gallon nano reef tank and I was wondering, would it be a good idea to get a royal gramma too? If anyone who owns this species has any feedback, I'd appreciate it a lot! :nerd:
  2. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have two tanks, a 20 gal, and a 55 gal, I did a 50% water change on the 55 put the conditioners in and everything. Let it sit for a bit to let any chlorine dissapate. And put the fish back in. And keep in mind this is an established tank that's been running a year. I frequently check the water...
  3. Cichlids
    I recently purchased a 55 gallon aquarium and want to stock it with lake Malawi Mbuna cichlids. In the research I have been doing it stresses being careful that the cichlids are compatible. I would like as colorful as possible with red, blue, and yellow. From what I have read most blue cichlids...
  4. Ancient Fish
    I'm planning on upgrading my 55 gallon to a 125 gallon in September.... I have 2 bala sharks 1 gold gourami, 1 blue gourami, 1 opaline gourami, 3 glofish tetras, 3 black skirt tetras, 1 crowntail male betta , 1 female crowntail betta and 2 female bettas I'm going to keep the 55 gallon for after...
  5. Cichlids
    Hi, I have been rasing and taking care of fish for around 2 years now but have never messed with cichlids yet and I recently began to stock my 55 with a few.. heres what i currently have in my 55 Gallon. 1 female Convict 1 Blood Parrot 4 Silver dollars 1 Black Pleco I really would like any...
  6. Cichlids
    hello who ever ponders past this i have some questions about fire-mouths and their compatibility with my tank mates? - i have a 55 gallon that is home to - - 10 harla rasboras -6 odessa barbs -6 silvertips -6 guppies -6 cories - 1 pleco i was wondering about adding a centerpiece cichlid. i like...
  7. Freshwater Journals
    HI hope all is doing well... here I am showing a short video of my 55 gallon aquarium which I recently cleaned and replace the substrate with caribsea floramax midnight. The tank currently looks bare but soon the plants will grow in. Some of the ground will be covered with Sagittaria...
  8. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    i have a 55 gallon reef tank and i have some power compacts that have 230 watts. is that enough for lps? in the future i want sps too. would that be enough for them too? or would i need to upgrade for them? thanks
  9. Ancient Fish
    Hey sup all! New here to the forum and thought I would try and see what you all thought of this. I have a 55 gallon that right now that has 1 Albino Cory Cat 1 Golden Algae eater 2 silver dollars 1 Segenal Bichir (aka Godzilla!) Trying to see what would make a good tank mate(s) with these...
  10. Cichlids
    hey all, i have been keeping central and south american cichlids for a while now and they are starting to become boring. most of them get to big for home aquariums and are too agressive. im thinking of switching over to african cichlids. i understand that they need different water chemistry...
  11. Cyprinids and Atherinids
    I have a 55 gallon tank with a fluval 305 filter. i have 7 tiger barbs 3 odessa barbs 3 gold barbs 1 clown barb 2 rosy barbs 5 black ruby barbs 6 platies 3 cory cats sun cat rapheal spottd cat pleco black shark 2 opaline gouramis and 5 zebra danios can i get some feedback on my rank
1-11 of 11 Results