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14 gallon

  1. New tanks set up in progress

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Nothing amazing yet, but it's taken me a good few hours so I thought I'd share my progress! My 12 and 14 gallon tanks and my teeny tiny shrimp tank. Dennerle Deponit 9 in 1 fert under Dennerle Quartz gravel (1-2mm, rounded), Superfish Aqua-Flow 200 in the 12 gal and 400 in the 15, sponge air...
  2. How many guppies for a 14 gallon? [and platies? maybe?]

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Sadly, im going to have to get rid of my Mollies. So, thatll leave three guppies in the tank, one male, two females. I was wondering how many more guppies i could fit comfortably [without babies, will explain] in my 14 gallon. [Its alot easier to handle with water changes!] The babies im not...