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125 gallon

  1. 29 Gallon Overcrowded Upgrade to 125 Gallon

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello Everyone! This is my first ever post. I currently have a 29 gallon Aqueon tanks which is super overcrowded. It is my very first fish tank/aquarium, so everything fish-wise is a new experience! (I also went overboard) I am receiving a 125 gallon Aqueon tank on Thursday, and am...
  2. 125g filtration?

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    I'm going to be 16 soon (:thumbsup:) and I was given 3 options for celebrating it. The whole sweet 16 "gala" was shot off the table, as I feel it unnecessary to have such a big event for a birthday. Then it was down to a party somewhere. A party anywhere could cost from $300-$400+, but they said...
  3. 55 gallon tank to 125 gallon?

    Ancient Fish
    I'm planning on upgrading my 55 gallon to a 125 gallon in September.... I have 2 bala sharks 1 gold gourami, 1 blue gourami, 1 opaline gourami, 3 glofish tetras, 3 black skirt tetras, 1 crowntail male betta , 1 female crowntail betta and 2 female bettas I'm going to keep the 55 gallon for after...
  4. Aquascape Idea

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Planning out my 125g aquascape, this is my idea so far. Please give me any ideas you may have to improve upon it, this is a first attempt at trying to make any kind of a look rather than just random placement. For dimensions to give scale, the length is 72.5" and the width is 18.5". The idea...
  5. Cycling in a tub

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I'm preparing to set up a 125 gallon aquarium. I have the tank, stand is about half way there, and people are coming today to measure the room so we can replace the carpet. I expect it will be 2-4 weeks before we can hope to have the new carpet installed and I'd like to use that time getting...
  6. Want to start a large tank

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello everyone, I'm new here, first post even. Back in college I had a 29 gallon and a 10 gallon fish tanks that I had a lot of fun with. I didn't do anything fancy, just mostly non-aggressive tropical fish, freshwater, plastic plants, etc. Then I moved 2500 miles away and couldn't move the...