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10 gal tank

  1. Cloudy 10 gal fishtank with guppies and sand

    I was thinking about getting some guppies and putting them with neon tetras and maybe a sucker fish and some ghost shrimp but I don't know if the 10 gal I am gonna get is big enough? Also I want to use sand because I heard it helps the ph but the person I am buying the fishtank from is having...
  2. 10 gal, 3 platys

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi everyone! I have a new 10 gal tank with 3 female platy. I was really interested about possibly getting a couple more fish that would eat the same food. I want to follow the 1 gal per inch of fish, so having 3 platy that could grow 2 in, I have about 4 in left to fill up. Its a tropical tank...