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Top Fin
Will update after I get my Finnex 24/7 LED lightin
This was given to me by a close friend who no longer had room in his apartment with a growing family. I have been fiending for a tank since I got my house. I took all the fish that he and his family gathered over time and added a few of the ones from my 20 gallon bowfront. All I ever owned were predator and oddball fish tanks in the past, so I decided to do a plant tank. I have added the substrate the gentlemen had before, Seachem Flourish, and some rock gravel on top. I have 1 piece of driftwood currently and I added an anubias nana to it. I'm going to work on making a blanket out of the Pearlweed while growing some of the mid to large plants.
2014 Top Fin 75 (Will update after I get my Finnex 24/7 LED lightin)



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