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This tank started out as a five gallon tank that I was going to hatch mystery snail eggs in. Unfortunately, the eggs died and never hatched. Boo. I had the plants so i kept it running like that for a few weeks before getting a few neon tetras. All but one of those died so i bought five more bringing my total number to 6. I also got 15 red cherry shrimp in the tank. They slowly died one by one for no discernable reason. I put about 20 ghost shrimp in and all but 1 died. I decided to do an upgrade so i switched everything over to a 10 gallon. I have planted some hair grass in the tank and added three glowlight tetras. I am waiting for the grass to carpet the tank and then will try my luck with some amano shrimp.
2018 Aqueon 10 gallon


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