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LOL OH WOW I've been laughing this whole time! You guys are great... The poster ISNT desperate housewives...It was just a birthday present from last year...Innapropriate for this site! I may have to go in and take it out of the picture LOL. But it sure is entertaining to you guys! Well I'm glad you guys are all full of testosterone and looked at the poster THEN the tank...Lol Haha...

By the way, I am adding the live rock and the shrimpy tonight I will update pics in a while later on tonight. The tank is still cloudy.

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lol a b-day present?!?! thats even better!
looking forward to the shrimpy and the liverock pics
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Yes...A birthday present ! Well it seems that we have gone WAY off topic so I am going to go edit my picture post and take the poster out with photoshop...May be to innapropriate for the site :D
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hey... could you send me a pic of the poster? ;)

wait wait wait aiwtiatwiwiaitia
getting off topic again *slap*
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HA! Good one Nick
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Originally Posted by trreherd
What do you meen when you say plants? I never heard of someone using marine plants as a decoration?
That's what I'd like to see, trreherd. I asked the same question previously.
Some plants do thrive in marine conditions although not much I think. Javan ferns seem to do well in brackish water conditions but the salinity is higher in marine so I can't say whether Javan ferns will readily thrive in marine conditions or not.
Probably the plants Nick might get are marine algae "Caulerpa".

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Originally Posted by Nick
lol thanks for the good laugh :D:D:D
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oops...thanks blue for answering that question, i must of missed it. I really dont even know either! Well today i got pretty much ditched so I guess I am going to shoot for tomorrow and then I'll fill you guys in!

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