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Everything circled is an SPS coral.

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what is sps and non sps?
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SPS are Small POlyp Stony corals, corals that grow a skeleton and have jillions of tiny mouths. SPS reef keeping is an addiction. Because they are easy to ffrag but take forever to grow, it becomes a game to see how many of the rare pieces you can attain.

LPS are Large polyps stony corals. LPS grow a large exposed skeleton and have one or a few large mouths, very fleshy looking corals. They look great in the shops. My avatar is a great example of a LPS coral, the cynarina. LPS are considered great for begining to advanced reef keepers. They look great. They seem to do more than SPS corals. The brains look great when they are all puffed out.

Softies are non reef building corals like mushrooms, xenia, or star polyps. No skeleton.

The thing with SPS are the colors are amazing. Keeping SPS alive, growing it out, and fragging it for others is a sign of the most dedicated and advanced reefer possible. It is an art form taken very seriously. SPS demand the highest water paramters. Huge amounts of flow. Huge amounts of light. Huge amounts of supplemental dosing. They can be a very expensive and time consuming hobby with little reward other than to be recognized by your peers for the quality of tank you keep. It's like the Japanese Bonsaii. The frags themeselves can be ridiculously expensive. I've paid $200 an inch before. I do not wish to admit how much I paid for that green table efflo in the center that I circled so many times. That piece is my holy grail piece. That one coral allows me access to frag from some of the best reefers in the country. Without it they wouldn't pay me any attention. My single colony efflo is over 8" diameter and has never been fragged. The yellow millie in the top pic was $100 for an inch frag.
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wow...thats awesome. way to go with all those hard to grow corals. apparently you know what you're doing, and doing a good job of it. they are beauties.

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Mike this is the sps look im talking about http://www.maast.org/index.php?name=...wtopic&t=22149
I have nothing agains sps or sps people accualy i find this tank pretty atractive http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/20...totm/index.php Maybe you missinterpreted what i said i dont like the ugly bases of the sps all over the place looking like ugly moles sticking off all the lr
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Wait before you tell me that 22 gallon tank belongs to your neibor let me say that tank is not that bad One time i saw a sps tank somewere and it was the extreme of a sps tank and it was relly ugly. The reason i am not very fond of that sps look is because with my tank i like to impress the average folk. With a beutiful stunning green display when they walk in. A lot of people can apretiate a good looking fish or even a wonderfluly colored coral maybe even the sick hand plumbed sump tank you have but when a non-aquairum person walks in they dont say wow look at that sps in your tank.(and remember thats just my opinion)
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Sean is one of my best friends and a frag trading partner. http://www.maast.org/index.php?name=...wtopic&t=22423
You are digging a hole faster than you can imagine.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Sean is taking the ecological approach in that he only buys frags from coral farmers instead of coral harvesters from the reefs. His 2" frags soon become entire colonies, thus reducing his global impact on the trade. And trust you me, people may not know the difference but a tank full of SPS corals is beyond awe inspiring.

The first sentence you made you used the word "hate". It is a very strong word.[/code]
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gorgeous pics and corals mike! :D
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gorgeous pics and corals mike! :D
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ok mike i will end this conversation. Its not doing any good.
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