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Love the tank - cute fishies too! :D

Owner of fish, hermit crabs, shrimp and plants!

Hermit Crab Association (HCA) is a great resource for hermit crab care
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So just wanted to update on the tank as it's been a couple months. Everything is going pretty well.
My pulsing xenia died off on me. I believe it's due to a low alk level....been about 7.5 after a water change and goes down to 6.5. By the end of the week. My calcium levels are somewhat low at between 390 to 370. I attribute this to am explosion of coralline algae. Didn't have any problems until I let it cover the entire back and one side. I'm up to 10 gallons a week for water change and it's not quite keeping up so I've been considering starting to dose either kalkwasser or a two part solution to better maintain my levels.
New additions are a yellow watchman goby named Ben, I allowed my other larger chromis to come back from my 20 after promising not to kill my other chromis and I moved a yasha hashe goby down there also to see if he would cone out more. He lived in my 20 for almost a month and I saw him once a week and never was able to get him to eat. Not sure how he survived. As for coral my green start polyps took off and have tripled in size. My yellow colony polyps are still multiplying. My toadstool mushroom grew a little and I think it's getting ready to close up and shred again which it does once a month. My zoas are doing well also and I have like 4 different varieties now.
My fish also seen to be doing really well with the exception of my flame angel who has apparently settled in and decided he's boss. He bullies a my firefish mostly but also gets pushy with just about everyone. My clownish started doing this crazy mating dance thing every few weeks which is cool.
All in all I'm pretty happy with how things are going. I'm working on installing my new diy LED lights too so I'll post some pics when I finish that.
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Just wanted to share some updated pics of the tank with you guys. I've added some new corals recently. I now have in addition to my soft corals a decent sized branching hammer, a torch frag and a duncan frag. The newest is the torch, only had it like a week, but the others are now starting to grow well. I also got a massive purple ribbon gorgonian from Gulf Coast Ecosystems which appears to be quite happy. My softies are doing well. GSP is still working on covering its rock, toadstool is getting slowly larger and my kenya tree has been fragging itself almost weekly.

I have all the same fish except I lost my yasha goby. He jumped right through the egg crate. I'm considering adding either a pair of banggai cardinals or if I can find one a midas blenny but I havent decided yet.
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A few more shots. Hammer is looking pretty good. Its double the size it was when I got it. Not the greatest pic but you can see the torch frag I picked up too in the last picture.

Another thing is that for some reason I haven't had any luck with zoa's. Those big brown ones in the second pic are the only ones that haven't shriveled up.
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