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12g Nano Reef Set Up?

Well some of you may ahve seen me around in the freshwater area(haven't been on in a while) But for most over here int eh salt im new :P A friend of mine gave me a deal on his 12g nano with live sand/rock/mushrooms and polyps. Also some CUC ofc for the sweet deal of $120. The tank before i got it was up and running a little over a year at his house. I have also included a video i took of the tank. So far the tank is looking real good and getting great help and advice from my friend about the upkeep and care of the tank. Maybe you all can help me identify the names of the mushrooms and polyps i have since i have forgotten when my buddy told me lol Again hello to all the salt water people

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Tank is still doing real good.. getting ready to do another water change this weekend to give some fresh salt water(buy it from a trusted M&P shop my buddy got from) Just wondering what to add to the tank fish wise being its so small? Was thinking a Goby but new with saltwater tanks lol any advice?
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Goby is a nice.
Nano Fish
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Looks great!
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ty rsully :) and also ty reefing i was looking at that page and some of the gobys are very nice looking. the Firefish, Helfrichialso looks nice but a bit out of my price range atm lol I have always been a big fan of the clownfish but im guessing a 12g is prob. just a bit to small eh?
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Most poeple put Clown fish in 10g tanks. I don't advise it, but the Percs and OCC don't really venture far from a spot they pick out in the tank to call home. Up to you.
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Can clownfish be kept by them self or better as a pair?
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They will have no problems being be themselves.
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OKay first fish i went with is a Mandarin goby... that is amazing in color! added a video of the tank with him in settled in

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