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it will eat small fish for sure and possibly larger ones if it gets hungry enough. as zach mentioned, all eels are escape artists and can get out of open tanks and even tanks with small openings.
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No one should ever keep any type of Eel with out a lid... no question.
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Snowflake eels will generally not eat fish unless they are larger and the fish are small enough.They will eat any crabs or shrimp you put in your tank, that is what they eat in the wild, they crush things with their mouth and would have no problem tearing a pistol shrimp into tiny pieces. Snowflake eels go very well with groupers and other large fish, and considering you are setting up a 100gallon tank you probably can get away with putting in a grouper(most of which will grow to large for tanks under 150g), groupers make great tank mates for eels. Basically you can go one of two ways, you can get the eel and a few other large fish, or you could go with your pistol shrimp, goby and compatible fish. Hope this helped.
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If I keep ghost shrimp and small gobies in my tank. It will hunt for itself ?

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