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Feeding my lionfish

He comes up to me when I get home and when I walk by as well. It's better than a dog, I just love him. Who knew fish had such personalities. But we tried the feeding it to him, and we tried putting it on the end of a skewer to make it look like it was swimming. He's really smart I guess. I'm really at my wits end here. I don't want to keep feeding him the FW feeder guppies as I've heard they aren't that good for him and he'll die anyway.

When my husband puts his tongue on the side of the aquarium and run it along the glass, he swims up and follows him. I tried to upload a photo of it, but the photo is too big. I'll have to get it up.
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that is cool and all, but who thinks of putting there tonge on the glass of the tank LOL
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Question on feeding my lionfish

I don't know why he thought of it. He (the fish) seems to be real nosy. He watches us all the time. I guess he bent over and stuck his tongue out at him and he swam up to the glass. Like I said before, I never realized fish had such personallities. We are heading out to get a protein skimmer today. We found out that our filter isn't doing anything for our tank. The only one that our LFSs have are the Coral Life hang-on the back kinds, and then the we-dry ones. We'll look at the benifit of having the we-dry later, but we really want to get a proper filtration system on it as soon as possible. We are also researching live rock. One store has either fiji or marshall island rocks. Which do you recommend? The fiji is cheaper (approx $699/lb), I like the look of the fiji. The Marshall island rocks are approx $9.89/lb. I don't know what they look like, but I've barely done any research. I'm really getting into this and enjoying it.
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You got the top-fin starter kit im guessing, these are no good for saltwater, there not even good for freshwater, you should buy a new filter now, maybe get a different heater rather than all-glass, then change the light to either compact flourecent, metal halide, or VHO, you might be able to use a T5 as well. But you really have to get rid of the filter, it is no good
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Question on feeding my lionfish

Yeah, I realized that. A gentleman at a different LFS explained it to me. I went out and bought a protein skimmer. I got the SeaClone 100. It's hanging on the back. Working good for now, but no bubbles have formed yet, but it says that it could take awhile. It says that it depends on the bioload, which ours must be good, because with that top-fin filter the chemicals stayed good, never dipped down/up.

I'm also looking for live rock. What's the difference between Fiji and Marshall Island? Big price difference.
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fiji is mainly used as a base, marshal is used for the edges, for a begginer, i would get fiji and maybe one day when you can be bothered get some other ones like tonga branch rock or something like that
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