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Originally Posted by chuckd92 View Post
Thanks, ive seen people put the LR and sand in a chamber in the sump, with a powerjet, and another chamber with the alge and another powerjet, not real powerfull ones just enought to get a good flow.
I cant get a 8foot tank, the place i am putting it in is only 84inches wide, so the 72 inch tank fits nicely. These are the only fish i want,, nothing more so it might be fine?

An oxygenator is a chemical pod that releases oxygen into the water without bubbles, its used in ponds and fish tanks, uses 35% hydrogen peroxide and distilled water to make a chemical reaction that creates oxygen, have a friend that uses it in his ponds and knows someone that uses it in his tanks, swears by it,, only $90 and you make your own mix for it. GOOGLE it your see it... doesnt use power just refill when it starts to float.

So use the sump to grow my alge and thats all??? no live rock?? would i use sand?? Was thinking on making a chamber with the live rock and sand,, and keep some snails in it since i cant leave them in the tank,, or not worth it?? Just trying to put together some things i have read about, coming up the the best solution.

I am plumbing the sump into my utility room, because my stand wont house a protein skimmer, too tall wont fit,, so thats why i was going with a 40gallong and making it multipurpose, plenty of room.

Thanks again
Live Rubble gets iffy, it will tend to collect detrius over time and cause Trate issues. Live Rock is ok, but you don't want a ton in there to collect garbage. DSB, Deep Sand Bed will eat Nitrates out of the water. But with all this said, if you use Cheato or Caulpera in the sump/fuge, this stuff will scrub your water clean of all phosphates and Nitrates in there, the more you have the merrier, nutrient export is done by just trimming back the macro algae. | Acrylic Sumps & Refugiums
Ron Shimek's Website...Deep Sand Beds
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i suggest cheato. youd be alright with rocks if your adding flow, its when theres no flow/dead spots that it can collect debris and un-eaten food and such allowing it to break down, causing excess nutrients which leads to unwanted algae growth. sand in the refugium section of the sump is fine, i suggest 4-6 inches. since your sump is going to be out of view, rubbermaid makes stock tanks that arnt to big, might not hurt to look into if you can afford the room.
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So if i use the 40g sump, 36Lx18wx16h, chamber it into 3 or 4 sections??? one for the inlet, sock and protein skimmer if i add later, 2nd for 6inches of sand, LR and cheato w power head, 3rd for the return pump and heaters? or put in a 4th to seperate the LR and cheato??? and if i do that then i need 2 power heads for both of those chambers??? plus do i put sand in both chambers?? and can i put in some snails to clean up the sand?? Sorry for all the ?s just want to make it right

I looked at the rubbermaid stuff, i would rather have the tank so i can chamber it right??
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stick with the tank, easier to chamber since thats the route you seem to want, plus you can see into it through the sides.

id def. have a powerhead with the rock.

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still not sure if i chamber 3 or 4??? sand w LR and sand w alge?? or combine the 2 into 1 chamber? Plus can i feed the extra alge to the tang??
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You can mix em up if you'd like. And yes, you can feed the overgrown algae to the tangs. Why not just Chaeto? you already have sand and rock in the display tank, why put more in the fuge?
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With the fish im going with, everyone says they are messy and i thought the LR in the sump will off set not putting as much in the tank, and the extra sand in the fuge will help with filtration?? plus with the alge will give me a great filtration system,
125 gallon tank, with 175lbs of LR, try to get one big peice in the sump, more room in main tank for fish to swim was my thinking, only 1 inch of sand in main tank,, 6 inches in sump chamber w/ LR, and alge.. Sounds good to me,, over kill???

Plus i am looking into a shrimp tank, or krill tank for breading and food.. I have the room for 2 20g tanks but not sure how much of a pain its going to be to try
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You got it together. No overkill, looks great.
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Originally Posted by Reefing Madness View Post
No on the Grouper, Minimum tank size recommend is 180. No on the Koran, minimum tank size is 250g. If you figure that the Trigger alone is going to get 1foot 8inches, thats pretty big for a 125g tank. But the Clown Trigger,Dogface Puffer and Yellow Tang will do ok together. But once they are to size, there is not going to be much room for anyting else in there.
For a Skimmer, I would be looking for one rated at 250g, because of the size and eating habits of those fish in general. Reef Octopus, Deltec, SWC. Few of the best out there. Going to need at least 1250gph worth of powerheads to move water in there for you, use 2 650-700gph powerheads.

in regards on the powerheads, do i place them both facing the same way for a straight current or one on each side of the tank???
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One on each end of the tank, blowing at each other.
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