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Originally Posted by landcfan View Post
Also, just to be clear, he rests for a little while, then goes back to swimming.
Still weird.
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Hello everyone! I talked to someone at the school who knows a lot about fish, who in addition to agreeing to help with the puffer from my other thread, took a look at the foxface. He said it was hard to tell if anything was wrong with him. He also has seen him eating algae off the sand, and agrees that's why his poop has white powder. As for the brown stuff on him (just a little on his spines) he thought that it might get better once the tank is cleaned (there's a starfish that has similar whitish slime on it too). As for the lying down during the day, he suggested that it may be because his schedule is off (light timers and everything. Maybe because it's summer and the days are so long, and he's used to sleeping earlier? Just a thought). He also agreed that the temperature was a bit high, and will see what he can do about it. He said the sign was indeed out of date, but here's the data on it: 75 gallon (I think the tank itself has been changed since then. I'd say the tank is about six feet long, maybe about two feet wide, and a few inches taller than it is wide.)
Temperature: 79 F (it's actually 82)
Salinity: 35ppt
pH: 7.8-8.2
Alkalinity: 8-12 dKH
Calcium: 350-400 ppm
Magnesium: 1250-1350 ppm

The sheet also says they are fed once daily (why did I think it said twice?), and that they clean the window everyday as well as add major and trace elements every day.

The container with the tube is still there. I was mistaken: the tube leads into the cabinet under the tank when the filtration system is, not directly to the tank. It says it is calcium hydroxide, and appears to not be transferring any more through the tube.

As far as the tank mates, I had mentioned a goby, but I haven't seen it in at least two days, so I'm guessing it died (someone told me that at some point, its fins had seemed rather tattered because of another fish (I'm guessing the three striped damsel) although I looked at it a few weeks ago, and while it may have had a bit of damage, it didn't look too bad.)
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Those dimensions would make it a 180g tank.
Don't think the sleeping pattern is off for the fish. Everything looks to be normal to me on this side. So, my guess would be, sit and wait. Thats not normal for that fish to just sit catch its breath and then move on. And they can see that the lights are on, its would be possible that he thought the lights would be going out, he would find a hiding place, not just sit out in the open. And he would figure out the lighting pattern after a few days.
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What was really odd today was before I left, I saw him apparently resting a few times tilted with his nose down. Maybe he was eating, but it didn't look like it. He did it in sand and coral.

Thanks once again! I'll keep an eye on him!
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