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Originally Posted by Teishokue View Post
if you havent read the api manual it says they are able to use for both salt and fresh. just the master kit for freshwater does not have the calcium copper test. please read your manuals. as they are instructions and have warnings.
I am looking at the instructions right now and the only one it says is appropriate for salt and freshwater is the nitrite test. There is no mention for the pH, but ammonia and nitrate both state it is "appropriate for a freshwater aquarium to which salt has been added." You are not keeping a freshwater aquarium where salt has been added, you have a saltwater aquarium. There is a huge difference.

as for the ocellaris you should look up the fish lore's profile
What am I looking for? I am not understanding what you mean by this?? If you're referring to the size I quoted for the female, I am very familiar with the sizes of clownfish. I have been keeping clown fish for over 15 yrs and my husband has kept them longer than that. I have kept every species available to the retail market.

Clownfish, Anemone Fish - Amphiprion ocellaris

i believe you are talking about the Amphiprion Percula species.

if you are talking about calcium deficiency i am quite aware that my fish does not of calcium deficiency. if you are talking about nutrition, u are going against the wrong person. im aware that you are trying to do what is best for the fish. and if you havent read the question i proposed . then you are wasting your time -.-
Calcium levels can wreak havoc on the animals if too high or too low. I'm wondering how you know your calcium is in a healthy range if you have not tested it? Not all of the problems high or low calcium can cause are immediately obvious or visible to us... but that doesn't mean the problem isn't there and if left unattended won't cause irreversible harm.
Yes, I am trying to do what is right for the animals, is there something else I should be doing? I am one of many people who don't like to see animals mistreated or suffering.

I did read your question, and I was attempting to help. What you originally posted didn't fit with what I saw in the video, so I asked questions. The only question I have not completely answered thus far is whether fish lice can attach to any type of fish, and the answer is yes. Without medications the only way to be rid of them is to starve them of a host long enough for all eggs to hatch and for the young lice to starve before they can reproduce. Once they are large enough to be visible they can be carefully plucked off the fish, but it can be difficult to do this in small or sensitive fish. The smaller the fish the faster the lice kill it, and the most common cause of death from lice is secondary infection in the locations where the lice have fed on the host fish.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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anywho, I will post a picture of the isopod when i have time probably this weekend. I am aware that most isopods are scavengers and if they are required to attach to a fish then they will (opportunistic). I was just wondering because of the brackish water fish i have acclimated into the reef salinity.
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Without sending the pics of your fish it is hardly possible to give you a useful suggestion.So please send me first pics of infected fish.
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