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post #11 of 24 Old 02-15-2013, 09:16 PM
I got to agree with RM here. You may get lucky with some live organisms still on the rocks but not what is fully needed. It all depends on how long that rock was out of the water. Was it at least still moist or had it pretty much dried up?

Watch those rocks and see if you get anything coming out of them. Look for little feather dusters.
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The first 20 lbs were taken out of a running tank. He said it had been there for at least 2 months. So I am guessing it is pretty safe that it was in fact cured. The 50 lbs I got yesterday were in a cardboard box and wrapped in some type of styrofoam paper, but it was still somewhat moist. Either way I am guessing I will have to start my cycle/curing process all over again. Hopefully the three fish I have in there wont hate me for it. Today when I did my testing I noticed that for the first time in a while I actually noticed a change in the amonia level and ph level. Ph = 8.4 and Amonia = .25 - .50. Nitrite and Nitrate were at 0. I can tell you that the three little fish love the rock and seem to be more outgoing. the protein skimmer seem to have settled and the foam is not as bad as it was yesterday and the day before. It was pretty nasty in that cup when I emptied it this morning. Slowly but steadily I think my tank is coming together. Once again, thanks for all your assistance and quick responses. Will keep you posted.
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Just Wondering

It's been about three weeks since I added the rock to my tank and I must say that aestethically it looks 100 times better than it did without it. My cycle is still going and I have noticed some spikes on the numbers although they are starting to stabilize now. My amonia has been 0 for a few days, nitrites peaked at about 5 and it has gone down to 1 where it has been for the last 4 or 5 days. Nitrates climed and went back down and it is now at 10 where is has been for the last 4 days. I added a canister filter to my tank which helps whith the water flow. Should I be concerned that the nitrites are not going any lower than 1 and the nitrates not going any lower than 10. I still haven't added my clown fish which are still in the QT and I am doing water changes in it every other day. Haven't done any water changes in my display tank since it is still cycling. Should I be doing water changes in my display tank? Thanks for all your input.
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I don't think water changes will speed anything up. Maybe weekly water changes at most until you're cycled.
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You'll want to let the water cook some. Meaning, let the bacteria grow some, before changing out the water.
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So for the last four days the numbers have been where I think they should be. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all read at 0. Specific Gravity is at 1.025, PH is at 8.2 and temp at 76. I am thinking the cycling has taken its course. Probably will add my clownfish next week. I was looking at the rock in the my tank and noticed that there are spots of bright green stuff growing on it and I am not sure what it is. Don't know that coralite algae looks like this. I have enclosed some pictures to see if anyone can tell me what it is.
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Also there are those white, worm like things on the rock that I don't know what it is. The rock came with it and I haven't seen it do anything, but it intrigues me to know what it is and what they do.
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Is it slimy? I have seen green coraline, but I don't remember it being that neon. Or is that an effect of the camera?

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If it's hard, it's corraline Soft or slimy, you got something else going on. Oh, and white tubes are some type of worm/feather duster, nothing to worry about there.
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Question So far so good

I have been checking the parameteres in my display tank and so far they have been maintaining well. SG = 1.025, ammonia, nitrite = 0, nitrate = 10 and phospate = .25 (I am doing water changes to rectify nitrate and phospate), temp = 78 *. As a mistake I had added some fish already to the tank before it had cycled through (2 damsels, 1 sand sifting starfish and 1 purple dottyback [please don't hate me for that]). Been that the water had maintained for a few days, two weeks ago I added my two clowns (Ocsillaris) which I had in quarantine for about 4 weeks. I then added 1 cleaner shrimp to the tank and they all seem to be living it up so far. I also added 6 snails to help with the cleaning. I hadn't add anything else until yesterday, when I came in possession of 1 pulsating xenia and 1 green bubble tip anemone which were gonna be taken back to the store by an old friend. I took them instead. Placed the xenia in a small rock in the corner of the tank as I don't want it to spread too much and the anemone I just dropped on the rock. They both took to the tank prety quick. The anemone spread its tentacles all day, but when I woke up this morning I couldn't find it. I finally found it attached to the underside of the rock. It is not spread. Now, I know they move around to find the best spot for them, but as of right now it is unreachable. Is this a normal practice and if so how do I feed it way under there? Shoud I try to move it out of the spot where it is now? I would have to disturb the rock and everything in it. Will it come out when it needs to feed?
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