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The betta whisper99 01-11-2019 12:31 AM

My fish have worms!!!!!
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Hola, I'm really new to the forums and how they work. I have a 30 gallon tall guppy tank. I noticed that fish had these lil tiny red worms poking out their bums. I saw a few videos on YouTube about them. I order a few different dewormers. I order levamisole hydrochloride soluble drench powder anthelmintic. I did learn this is the best to use to treat your fish with. I am wondering if anyone else has dewormed their fish? If so how many treatment s did it take to kill off the worms? My guppies have a few different one as far as I can tell. They do act any different expect one of my sunrises. You can tell she doesn't feel well. She went from extremely bloated to really thin and hunched over, others are really bloated in the chest. I have done one treatment with levamisole. Gave them a 24 hour break then I hit them with general cure in their food. Unfortunately alot of them spit it out I didn't use enough garlic. With the levamisole will that kill all types of works that they carry? Is this safe to use with freshly dropped fry? I can move my fry if need be that's not a issue. The first dose I gave them was a lil light my scale isn't a 100% trustworthy. Any help would be extremely welcomed. Oh I forgot to add I also have 5 female betta fish in this tank as well. They where altogether in one tank at the pet store. They are not my first betta's I have owned so plz do not hate on me for keep them as I do. I watch them like hawk. I own 36 betta's in all I have 18 tanks most of my betta's live in split planted tanks. They are happy and heathy.

justaguy 01-11-2019 01:08 PM

Curing your Guppies without chemicals
Sorry you're having problems with your guppies. After 20 years of keeping fish I learned that you can cure most diseases, infections, parasites by paying careful attention to your water quality. Bad water creates stress in the fish and that stress leaves them open to problems.

In fact chemicals used to fix problems can (sometimes) cause harm to the fish.

If I adopted your tank here is what I would do instead of adding chemicals:

1. I would test for ammonia to make sure that the tank is breaking down the fish waste efficiently.

2. I Change 90% of the water every day for at least 3 days (make sure to clean 50% the gravel each time) or until your fish were better. The worms are being spread though the fish waste. This waste has to be removed from the gravel.

3. I would use a good water conditioner when changing your tank water to get rid of the ammonia and Choloramine (ammonia derivative) that is in most tap water. Water companies use these chemicals to disinfect drinking water. Fish hate it.

4. I would be doing weekly water changes from here on out. I do 50% water changes in my fish only tanks each week. This is the number one best thing to do to keep your fish healthy.

Best wishes on your fishes, Don

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