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keatonh 08-05-2017 10:28 PM

HELP for SIP (Elodea)
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Good day! I am observing elodea for our science investigatory project and it is week 2 in the observation.

I have a few questions about what's happening to my elodea.

You see, we are testing out various pH levels in the environment of elodea and one of the solute mixed with water is bleach and black coffee.

In bleach, the elodea instantly became transparent and after one week of that environment, it broke easily when i touched it to measure the growth. So, what does it mean when an elodea loses its color?

Next set-up is water + black coffee. It is growing just fine but in week 2, algae grew at the surface of the water. Here's a picture. What does it mean? How does that algae affected my elodea?

Thank you!

aussieJJDude 08-06-2017 03:51 AM

Well, the bleach would just melt the elodea, no matter the concentration. So that one has gone, bleach is a strong disinfected and toxic to most life forms, so its not surprising that it melted.

The algae is due to an excess amount of nutrients in the water, which is like a haven for algae. Which looks like blanket weed to me. Algae and elodea will compete for resources, and since in a experiment you want go keep it the same as possible, you could see a major difference in growth rates. The algae will grow faster as it has more lighting available compared to the plant, and it also has a greater supply of atmospheric CO2.

You probably would of been better off using distilled water and then treating it with either coral sand to naturally increase the ph in the tank or tannins (such as peat) to decrease the ph.

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