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PetDynasty 04-07-2017 09:00 PM

What should I do with my fire belly tank?
I have a fire belly newt/frog tank (OMG I SAID FROG INSTEAD OF TOAD HOW DARE I lol I call them frogs because they are technically frogs and calling them toads annoy me) that looks quit sad. I worked really hard on the tubaware land, as sad as it looks, and am planning on keeping it.
I don't have money right now to add lights or do many things at all atm, as I have some huge life milestones coming up I have to plan and save for, so I really need cheap improvements. However I am also planning well in advanced, so I am also getting ideas for when I can afford more.
I can not take any pictures of my tank atm, so here is an old youtube video. The link will start playing later in the video, this is done on purpose because this is right about where I show my tank.
Some updates on my tank since then- I now have 2 newts, 2 frogs. The terrarium moss I had is disgusting and I took almost all out, planning on getting out the rest of it soon. It went in the water and made it look disgusting. I added a 10 gallon sponge filter. More rocks fell off of the side of my land. My tank is disgusting.

I had this idea- drift wood partly submerged in water so my newts and frogs can climb on it and leaf litter. I thought this would make my tank look so natural, but then I found out that a low pH is bad for them.
I have a piece of land that I can add higher from the water, which I have been wanting to do and get fake hanging plants and things that would allow my buddies to access it.
I really love bamboo and duck weed, but again lighting is expensive and plus Springtime doesn't seem to appreciate lighting.
I am really stumped on what to do with this, but I want my little guys to live the best life they possibly can. :crying:

PetDynasty 04-07-2017 09:02 PM

ok so the URL thing isn't working and is just playing it from the beginning. Ignore the weirdness lol the part it was suppose to start at was about 3:40

aussieJJDude 04-07-2017 09:23 PM

these animals are slightly more terrestrial than aquatic right? so a large beach area may be a good start, using things like small tupperware containers and large driftwood pieces so they can go on the land and burrow. have you though of doing a platform similar to what the turtle people do. google PVC turtle dock to get ideas on what i mean. Its cheap, easy and is custom to suit your and your pets needs.

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