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meantigerbarb 09-13-2015 07:01 PM

well water, home salt system
I have well water which is full of iron etc that would leave ugliness all over a tank. We have a salt system for our water in the house. I thought I couldn't use the salt system water rom the faucet. Someone just told me that's what they use. Can I use that water for fish water? Or should I fill 55 gallon barrel with fresh well water and let sit so it acidifies some and the iron etc "settles"?

lilnaugrim 09-14-2015 09:08 AM

Depends on the type of fish you're keeping and if you want live plants. It also depends on the amount of salt that is in the water. Is it a Water Softener system or literally, it just adds salt to your water? Salt (if it's just NaCl--sodium chloride) then it does nothing to change your pH or anything like that, some believe it hardens water but that's not what salt does. You will find NaCl IN harder water, but it doesn't make the water hard (Calcium and Magnesium do that).

So if there is copious amounts of salt then you'll want to steer clear from soft water fishes like most Tetras, corydoras, more sensitive Plecos, and other sensitive species of softwater fish. Go for middle ground/Hard water species like livebearers or even African Cichlids or other alkaline Cichlids. Some Plecos will be fine, they are armored fish so they are not scale-less and sensitive to salt, it's just that most come from softwater is all.

EDIT: Oh as for the Iron, just use a water conditioner that detoxes heavy metals. I have the same issue with my well water, I use API Tap Water Conditioner or SeaChem's Prime water conditioner, both neutralize heavy metals like Iron.

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