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daveo59 06-14-2014 04:59 PM

DIY Stand and Sump w/refugium project
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Hey guys so this isn't a help me post, its just a post that I figured may give people some ideas for their own diy project.

I have decided that I'm going to do a little DIY project. I have a Rio 180 set up and decided that I want to Add a sump to it. I then had the idea that I would want to put my QT tank in the same unit, to save space.

So I've been hooked onto uarujoey 's videos on YouTube, and I have followed his designs on how to build a stand, with my own modifications to make it a 3 tier tank support. Does mean that the stand itself is about 110cm tall but that's not so high that I won't be able to enjoy the tank, also means that I can enjoy the tank without having to bend double.

First off I managed to get a 100l long tank that I'll turn into a sump, I managed to get 5 panels of glass from a local glazier measured to size (well that turned out to be the wrong size, but a glass cutter and a pair of pliers soon sorted that ). Got some aquariuium safe silicone and measured out 2 sections at about 20cm, the next which will be a refugium at 30cm and the last section for the pump return.

Next using 2x4 ive put together this simple frame. Bottom section where the sump will be is 40cm and 43cm for the QT tank. This will also leave me space to the side of the QT tank for the tank odds and ends.

Its all still in development and I'll add more photos and updates as I go along. I still need to finish the top level support boards and clad it, then drilling holes in my Rio and plumbing the whole thing.

In the mean time does anyone have ideas for what plants I should put in the refugium? I'd be interested to hear what other people have set up, (I've included a photo of my early plans)?

flight50 07-06-2014 10:15 AM

Nice stand. The main framing structure of it is good. However your two lower racks are not. Those tanks will be supported only by 4 total screws. Water weights in at 8 ish lbs per gallon (3.6 kg) Its gets heavy. The better route would be to place a solid surface to rest on the exterior 2x4's and supported by the 2x4 turned on their side. The overall design of the stand is a basic one that is floating around on the internet. I have built a couple myself. One being a double 3 tier stand that houese 6 40g breeders. See my pics for example here. Duo DIY Quad 40g Breeder Stand / Fish Wall

As far a plants are concerned, if your doing a refugium, I assume this is a saltwater tank. Although refugiums and be used in a freshwater, unless your housing or hiding something from the display, a refugium really isn't necessary in freshwater apps.

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