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aussieJJDude 10-27-2013 07:04 AM

New Girl Crabs
Just here to say I got 2 new girls! I super happy and the pet store employee was asking me all these question, mostly about how to tell gender, to keep them happy and breeding.. Really good sign! He seemed really interested with all the info I gave him....
Anyway, introducing my new girls *drumroll* Sandii & Candii!
Candii is a micro and because she soo small, she reminds me of a sweet (candy).
Sandii is a small and when I first picked her up she dug her BP into me, so - of course - i was taking her! She is really pale though, however, the paleness does remind me of sand...
(I like names thats different or unusual hence: Kiwii, Wikii and now Sandii & Candii - they all females, see where I am heading?)

Romad 10-27-2013 07:38 AM

Well congrats. to you on your new girlies. And since they are girls, I can call them cute :)

Olympia 10-27-2013 10:59 AM

Very cute indeed! :-)

willow 10-27-2013 05:16 PM

awwww new crabbies......:-D

aussieJJDude 10-28-2013 07:25 AM

Thanks guys! One of the girls (the smaller one) has already changed shells and now shell looks so big :-( Oh well, as long as they are happy!

Chesh 11-05-2013 11:49 AM


. . .okay not *so* new anymore, sorry I'm late to the party - still newish and OMG! CUTE!

I love the names! Sandii and Candii to join Kiwii and Wikii - I kind of have a 'thing' for double i's (true story!) so to me, that makes them even more adorable!

Would love to see Candii's(?) new shell if you have a shot laying around? I'm not very familiar with hermies - I feel like I'd have a hard time keeping track of who was which when I came back to find they looked different! >.<
I'm sure this isn't as difficult as it seems it would be - hoping so, anyway!

Belated congrats on the newest arrivals! ^_^

aussieJJDude 11-06-2013 03:24 AM

For me, they still new, so Chesh you're allowed to call them new too!
Yep, I have this ii thing going, I love them to be different, so double i thing helps! :)
I try to get a shot of her, she super shy and small it pretty much impossible! But I try for you!
It easier to tell the difference between each of them than you think it would! They all have a different personality, fav type of shells, sizes and colours... But the big give-away is the personality! :-) Crabby crabs!

aussieJJDude 11-15-2013 04:47 AM

Sorry Chesh I didn't get around to it sooner, I had exams and didn't go on the computer for 2 weeks - well, felt like 10 weeks....
As some of you guys may know, my UMO is up after a 2 month plus underground! :D I gotta admit, by this stage i thought he was dead, but nope, he still pinching! :) He is some pics (btw, he came up 4 days ago, just been slack with the pics....)
How Dark is he! :D And here is Candii in her new shell before she went under! She looks so big, prefer her in her old shell *sigh*
(Oh, yes, that is me managing to kill a spider plant *long sigh*)

Chesh 11-19-2013 11:04 AM

They ARE cute, and they do look different - wish I could see some of that personality in the photos! They must be fun to keep. A whole month underground, huh?!! I have no idea what is considered 'normal' - don't know much about hermit crabs, but I'm glad lil UMO is okay! Too bad you live in Australia! I'd be happy to send you some spider plant babies looking for a new home!

willow 11-20-2013 05:31 AM

great pics :-D
i kept hermies once…funny things they really are.

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