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Summer project- Kiddie pool

So I have a missed place common pleco in my 30 gallon... and a spare kiddie pool...
Would it be possible for me to make a small... er... pond out of my kiddie pool?

What kind of fish could I put in it that could get a long with the pleco... if this is possible?

Would a sponge filter work as filtration?

Thanks guys!


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I was thinking of the same thing! I think I'll just watch this thread and see what people tell you...

Something smells fishy

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Sure those things make a great inexpensive pond, where will this pond be? indoor or outdoor? the Pleco will need heated water or at least a constant temp of around 70 degrees. First fish that comes to my mind would be any variety of goldfish they are hardy and need lots of room too. I would just get a pond filter, most have a nice fountain and a basic sponge filter on them.
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I'd think you'd have to be vary careful where you place the kiddy pool in your yard. Because they're so shallow, the fish cannot escape to cooler, deeper waters. That said, it would have to be out of sunlight.

Also, raccoons are notorious for robbing ponds and eating the fish. With such a shallow pool, they'd have nowhere to escape to. Easy meal for a raccoon.
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Agreed that as an absolutely emergency situation this would be acceptable for a short time. Long term though this is not the best idea.

As members have stated, the depth is a real issue and in winter, you risk the whole thing freezing and killing the fish. Specifically designed ponds allow depth for the fish to escape to and provide cover on extremely hot days. Keeping the water temperature cooler in the deeper such a small area, this would not be possible and potentially literally cook the fish.

I had a small kiddie pool that was left outside too long and even in -5 temperatures the whole tihng was frozen solid, anything in it would have been a popsicle fishy!

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Being as though the OP is in Idaho and he wants to put tropical fish in there, I'm assuming he plans on putting it inside. I recall seeing a Youtube video a while back about someone who had a kiddie pond in their very spacious loft apartment, wish i could find it again cause it really was a nice setup.
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The pool would be outside, somewhere in my backyard. It gets into the 90s sometimes as far as weather.

Would koi fish work better than goldfish? I've heard that koi go dormant during the winter time.

As for the pleco, I could easily bring her back inside during winter and place her in our 75 gallon.

Right now, my only concern is heating and filtration.

There are bushes next to where I want to put it, so maybe half under the bush and half out? Or I can get the lid to a tote box and set it over half of the pool.
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