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Small pond setup

So over the weekend I finished our little pond. It's not big about about 40 gallons but we didn't want anything too big that a child or dog would fall into and get hurt. We are going to see how this one does this summer and maybe next spring building a bigger one.


The blue rope lighting is gone we didn't like the looks of it, so took it down.

It has a small pump and filter in the center, 2 gold fish and 8 guppies. In a few months we will be moving the fish back indoors to their "normal" tanks. So far everyone is doing fine but I did notice this morning some of the rocks where moved around so I think a cat was trying to get the fish.

This week we are going to put some rocks around the inside so you don't see the liner.

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Do you have it enclosed with a fence? It'd be a real waste if there is some animal trying to get the fish.
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Originally Posted by Jumbo Dwarf Gourami View Post
Do you have it enclosed with a fence? It'd be a real waste if there is some animal trying to get the fish.

Our back yard has a 6 foot privacy fence and during the day our dogs are in the back yard. But anything that would dig out the fish will climb the fence after the dogs come in for the night.

Other than the one night nothing has messed it, the rocks in the center are just stacked so anything could knock them over pretty easy. We talked about gluing them but we might change them out so haven't yet.

Also tonight we are going to pick up a few more gold fish, my wife wants 5-6. We bought three (one of them died) about 6 months ago hoping to get them early so they would grow out to a nice size before putting them in the pond. But they are able half the size we wanted to be by now.

You can follow Old Fort Exotics on You Tube and on my Fish room thread.

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subscribing to follow,

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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You shouldnt need to glue just stacking them in the best way will do. Seems like even if you use glue ice still gets in there in the winter and then you will have a real mess trying to fix the old glue..... I would recomend looking at how to lay stone without the glue. haha I wish I could just show you rather than fumble this explanation...
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No mortar no glue just stacking and measuring is what I'm trying to get at. Each layer should measure about the same size as you lay it, leveling as you go ( 4 foot level if you have one and rubber mallet to make stuff fit). When you lay the second layer you have to make a rock fit over each break in between the rocks you laid before. You only want the gap or crack between rocks to appear in one layer or course. (Look at how bricks are laid, best example I can think of)..... all the extra dirt and small rocks go inbetween the rocks and the pool lining as a spot for ice to expand and contract without damaging the structure...... Then next year if you want to go bigger you just unstack real quick and expand
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