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not gonna be a big deal with rain water and a huge filter. feeding pellets and stuff will stop the oscar from going nuts on the small fish... Mine will eat pellets sometimes with feeders in tank....

so I would load up some plants in there, shrimp and livebearers, like 20-30 at a time if you can..... And wait a few weeks and add more if you want, once your like woah man there are quite a few. Then you can add chilids no problem, in that big of a pond Haha should be sweet. Gotta have the plants and all kinds of small guys for it to work right.
Snails will help so throw a few in (probably dont need to many)
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Warhawk and Embouck7 Thank you very much for your input!

I was thinking of adding about 45 livebearers (Molly, Tetra and Rasbora) and about 30 shrimps (rcs, blue neon, ghost). I want to introduce about 10 or 20 ramhorn snails as they are good at controlling algae but im still thinking about how to control the population as they spread like wildfire. I agree with Warhawk about not underestimating the oscars appetite- we have a few kois and introduced about 8 or 9 catfish- the kois and turtles collaborated and ripped all the catfish to shreds even though they eat pellets 4 and 2 times a day respectively. Will the turtles create problems for the cichlids, livebearers or shrimps? will move the koi to a bigger pond as this is not suitable for kois to flourish. Also before introducing big cichlids like oscars and green terrors, should i put some smaller cichlids to add variety?
Forgot to add that it rains alot here, 4-5 months of rain at least.
Thank you very very much! its still a work in progress- the aquascaping hasn't been touched yet! More rocks, pebbles, driftwood and plants to be put in!

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Rain is good it will smooth out your bio load
No ghost shrimp, tried to have them breed in freshwater most likely wont happen. (Seems thats a brackish thing)
Turtles will keep messing up your plan I think.
As far a chilids go I would let em go and see where they set up (they will claim a spot and defend)
should be able to do like 10, cant say for sure because they don't really like eachother (and they will eat alot of live food)
Long story short pick your top few favorites and go with 5-6 chilids, expand from there in groups of 2 so that way someone doesn't get ganged up on.
if you can get ghost shrimp cheap you can use as feeders after the chilids are added (just want you to know they probably wont breed) cherry shrimp or amono's will
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Here is a panoramic view
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No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.
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I would agree Cherry shrimp would be a good addition, but ghost shrimp don't spawn in my tanks like Embouk said they need special water.

Again like Embouk said 5-6 cichlids to get started and if everyone is going well you can add a few more.

You can follow Old Fort Exotics on You Tube and on my Fish room thread.

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How many gallons/leters are we looking at here?
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Do keep in mind the outside temperature ranges from the low 70s to 108 F! Winter (december to february) is about mid 50s. Im not so sure about the capacity, ill ask the contractor.

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heat shouldnt be to bad, heaters can be tossed in for the winter to create warm spots 50 seems to cold for most tropical fish.... Haha pretty sure the water temp in the amazon is around 70F at the coldest point.... Might want to check with who ever you get your fish from to see if they think your stock list can handle the winter.... I think yeah with the warm spots but I'm not sure what your winter is really like.
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Spoke to the contractor, my pond's maximum capacity is 18,000 gallons but we usually keep 12-14,000. To get a better picture of our climate- the tropic of cancer goes right through the city i live in. Our winters are more like spring in the US- our lowest temp this year was 55F only for a week or 2 though. Year-long we have the same weather as mexico city or La Paz in the Baja California Sur. How about introducing a stingray along with the cihlids? Im still skeptical on what livebearers to get but ive introduced 11 Cyrtocara Moorii (blue dolphin) and they are loving the pond!

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.
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Yeah I would toss some heaters in when it gets that cold, dont need to heat the whole thing.... No idea about the habbits of a stingray cant say if it will eat the rest of the pond or not...... Other than that I wouldn't worry about adding chilids seems like enough space to do quite a few.

Thought of some plants not sure if you will like them but the fish shure will
Lilly pads of some sort
Recomend potting these plants so they don't become a weed in your pond (as they grow fast)
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