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Originally Posted by rsskylight04 View Post
Very usefull calculator!
Yeah, when I saw the dimensions of this pool I had to have it. It has steps and a mini slide that takes away some volume, but also adds a bit of variation.
Good luck henning and sylver!
Ouh, ouh, I saw one like that...but it was like $700. >< And wont fit in the basement, I intend to have it like another tank and not a temporary outdoor thing. lol

And thanks, good luck to you as well. Even this one that is smaller than I wanted is going to be so unbelievably helpful to raising my fry in. :3

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The best pools are Intex Snap Set 6" x 12" deep.

I'll update the thread tomorrow.
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300W Aquarium Heater Anti Explosion Submersible Fish Tank Water Adjustable | eBay
you are welcome :)
i have the 50w version in my 4 gallon and it works great.

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Well last week we had several days with high temps in the low 50s, today it was 91 degrees! That is MO for you. According to the weather people the temps should be staying in te mid-low 80s all this week and next. I have decided to call it a spring and get the show on the road. If the water temps hold tonight and into the morning I'll be adding the first wave of fish tomorrow and the next day. Here is the game plan:

P1-1 Pool- I have 6 pre-hit female and 10 male Least Killies (LKs) ready to dive right in. They will be joined by 6 Paleatus Corys. If all goes well, I'll add another 4-6 Paleatus Corys and 6 pre-hit female Black Bar Endlers and zero males for now. If all goes well and the night temps remain stabilized then this weekend I'll add 2 pre-hit female swords 1 Pineapple and 1 Marigold. I'll wait until next Tuesday before adding the rest of the brooder Pineapples and Marigolds. When I add the remaining swords, I'll add my best 4-6 Black Bar males and 10-12 females.

P1-2 Pool. I'll start the same process with the same number of LKs and Albino Anues Corys. If all goes well, next I'll add 6 pre-hit Orchard Endler females. Same timetable as above, I'll add 1 each pre-hit Showa, Koi and RREA female swords. On Tuesday, I'll add 12-16 Showa, 8-10 Koi and my entire 4 RREAs and 15-18 Orchard Endler females and 8-10 males including two blond males. I'll likely add another 6-8 female & 6-8 male LKs along with 10 more corys.

P2. I'll start with the same count of LKs and add 2 Marble Crayfish. I've constructed two nice areas with 8 PVC sections, two 4" flower pots and some flat garden stone arranged to make good hiding spots for the Crayfish. These areas will be at opposite ends of the pool and in corners to help keep the Crayfish out of everyone else's scales-no hair cos their fish. If all goes well, 6 Blond Endler females will be added along with several LK males and females. Tuesday, I'll add 15 Red MM & 15 Marigld MM Platys and another 10-12 Blond and 8-10 Het for Blond Endler female and 4-6 Blond Endlers males.

Vat-1. In this vat I'll be going strat to Endlers, Chilli Endlers to be exact. I'll start with 6-8 pre-hit females, 6 nice males and 1 Marble Crayfish who will have 6-8 sections of PVC and tons of Oak leaves. On Tuesday, I'll add 6-8 more Chillie females. If I have enough, I'll also add some LK pre-hit females.

Next Thursday, provided things are going great, I'll be adding anywhere from 20-75 Endlers fry to the pools with that color variety. My goal is to thin down the live stock indoors to do a little addition to all gene pools over the summer.

That leaves me 1 each yet to be established P1 Pool, 175gal Vat and a hard plastic kiddie pool. The P1-3 will be used as a grow out pool for what ever swords start dropping a ton of young and an additional group of adult Paleatus Cory Cats. That will likely result in a lot of food waste so I'll add more corys if need be. The 175gal Vat will be growout for Platys. The hard plastic pool, well that is another story. First, it will be my grandson's pool as he just turned 1yr and as my wife would say it is high time he learn how to lose his shirt raising fish. I plan to add 20-30 pre-hit mixed Endlers and let them grow for 6-8 weeks. Once they are dropping fry, or I have at least 125-150 2 week or older fry 20-25 of the next batch of Belonasox fry will go in the pool. You may be asking why so many fry, the Belonasox fry are pigs. In nature the game is eat everything you can and then the big guys eat the siblings. I'm thinking the Endlers brooder stock should be able to keep pace long enough to get 3 1/2"-4" Belonasox. Once that size I'll put half of them up for sale and hang on to the rest until they are sexable. Once sexable, they get a much higher price.

On a side note, the frogs already spawned in the pools, didn't even let me get fish in the darn things this year before doing the frog thing.

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First off Sylverclaws, great video.

Ok, the St. Louis weather has finally decided to cooperate, well maybe. The next 10 days should be anywhere from 80-90 degrees with night lows in the 60s at worst. So the long awaited time is here to start the process of stocking pools. All of the fish are conditioned, they have been for weeks, and now make their final prep prior to freedom.

Tonight I pulled the first breeding groups of Orchard and Black Bar Endlers. I'm starting with 8 healthy sized pre-hit females and 3-4 excellent quality males. The first step was to sort fish to pick out the top of the line. All of the females, both types, are as large as large female show guppys and capable of dropping 30-40 fry per drop. The Orchard males all looked nice, I took the few that had more blue, green and yellow on them. All have double red sword tails. The Black Bars were nice as well. I worked on refining the Balck Bat trait and the males are really nice demonstrations of art in motion. Both lines, more so the Orchards, throw an occasional Blond so each group of males contained one Blond.

The process? First fish have to be sorted out and then the choosen few isolated. Each group is enjoying a clean 5gal container with 2gal of water and 1tbs of solar salt. Tomorrow moring, each group will get half a dose of Quick Cure and by later afternoon say 5:00ish will be bagged, acclimated and released into their own pools. Each group will be joined by 6 females and 6 male Least Killies. These fish will have the run of the place for the next 4-6 days. On Thursday, my large group of Blond Orchards will be placed in their own pool. Thursday will also be the day of the Cory Cat. 12 Paleatus with the regular Orchards and 12-Aneus with the Black Bars. The Blonds will be sharing their pool with 2 marble crayfish and a test group of RCS. All pools now contain tree frog tadpoles. The first group of fish will have a distinct advatage, hundreds of mosquito larva to eat. I've keep them down by netting and feeding, but once the fish are out no larva is safe.

What next? If all goes well and it should, over the weekend another 8-12 female Endlers and 4 additional Least Killies will join the schools. If you do the math a min. of 16 female Endlers multipled by say a very conservative estimate, likely triple or more, of 10 fry comes to 160 fry in the first month. Keep in mind by July these fry will be producing fry. I'll likely add another 6-8 female Endlers and 10 or so Least Killies within the next two weeks.

Again if all goes well, I'll add the breeder traps and the first sword and platy brooders. I'll introduce each group 6-8 females at a time and add more every 4-5 days if things remain stable. I'll be maintaining all the males indoors as they already did their job. In late July, I'll rotate groups of females back inside for 5-7 days to allow for more mating. I estimate that I have 14-18 Showa, 8 Koi and 12 Black and White females. I have 3 Marigold, 5 Pineapple / Pineapple Tux females and 5 very nice size-4 1/2" RREA females. In the platy department, I have 12 huge Marigold MM and 8 nice Red MM female platys. I'll also be getting 3 Blue Platy females being re-homed to me.

So how to manage this stuff? Well daily partcials will be a must, I'll be taking approximately 1/16th-1/8th inch of water our per day. I'll add water with 5gal buckets poured through teh breeder traps to flush any fry that don't escape on their own. I will also be removing, culling, grading sword and platy fry from the get go starting in late June, followe dby Endlers in the beginning of July. Some of the highest quality fish will be reared for several weeks indoors before returning to grow out pools for the females. The Endlers will be culled every week with 100 or some females and how ever many not show quality males being placed in a special pool until late July early August.

Those cull fish being held for late July early August will be allowed to grow, reproduce and will be joined by some older breeders or cull females from the indoor tanks. The entire idea will be to get as many females throwing fry and extra males as possible. Once the cull pool fish start the reproduction process the first batch of Belonasox fry dropped indoors will be placed into the pool. The Belonasox fry are eating machines. Each Belonasox will eat 4-5 new born Endler fry or 2-3 2 week old fry daily. If all goes as planned I should be able to raise about 35-40 Belonasox. I will market these fish and hopefully a few people will keep the line going and pass them along.

Ok, time to get farming fish.
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Niiiice. Do you ship the fish or sell them to LFS's?
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The Black Bar produced at least 20 fry in the pool on Tuesday and the Orchards started populating their pool with fry yesterday. Swords. platys and Least Killies move in tomorrow and this weekend.
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I had to abort my project. Temperature variations day/night are just too extreme even with two 300 watt heaters. Frost Monday morning then 85 Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks for posting your project though, very interesting. I'm following and wishing you the best of luck!

Have you ever bred cichlids this way? Or if not, do you think it would work?

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That sucks. Mine is going well, though my grandma doesn't care much for any of it and often complains... Fish are growing like weeds(including my pleco), I've made a ton of room in my tanks with the pool and selling some fish, and found that just keeping the A/C fan on keeps the humidity gone in there and doesn't mess with the tanks temp. lol

I'm currently trying to get some N-Class black bar endlers to breed. The pool will be most useful for it and I may actually use it FOR them and breeding if I can clear our a few more of the bigger fish. :3 Costly little things, eh. Anyone know where I can buy some nice males and unrelated females for less than an arm and leg? lol

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I should take your experience as a lesson and move my the basement.
Thanks and best wishes for continued good luck!

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