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Sounds fantastic , id love to have a breeder setup like that . I do have a 5' round kiddie pool, and id like to get a 8' pond installed . I want to try the kiddie pool as a breeder. I.have a good location, now its just waiting for snow to melt and ground to thaw. Also have last years dry leaves to start it. I'll be following for tips and tricks, thanks.

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I'm currently constructing the breeding traps I'll be usung with the swords and platys. These are made from 4'x18"x24" clear storage containers - totes. I drill rows of holes 1/8" around. The bottom and sides have six rows 3'x8"x12". One the bottom, the holes are drilled to one side leaving a good size area of floor space on the other side or the bottom. This will allow prepared foods to be fed and sink without immediately passing through to the bottom. The width walls will have rows rilled 6"x6" x 10". Each outside end of the breeder trap will have a legnth of PVC pipe zipped to the bottom causing the trap to sit up off the bottom approximately
1 1/2". This clearance will allow waste and food to pass through and will allow for a daily flush with five gallons of pool water for clean up and fry removal. Once food and fry are washed from the pool, they will join the coloy of Least Killies, Endlers and Corys in the growout area.

Fry management: After the first few weeks, some fry will be removed from the growout area in the breeding pool and move to specific growout pools. This should keep any unauthorized breeding between swords/swords and platys/platys to a minimum. After the first month, small groups of fry will be brought indoors and pumped with live baby brine shrimp, microworms, mosquito larva, beefheart and flake food. Those fry will likely be offered for sale as large sub-adults Fish still in growout will be size graded and once they hit a certain size moved to a vat for finishing. The vats offer a more constrained area that is much easier to keep clean. In addition to my sponge filters, I'll be using a small canister filter to polish the water every 2-3 days.

Pool #P-2 110"X72"X18" will be up and running before weeks end. I'll have some photos of the breeder traps and pool by the weekend. If all goes well, I plan to get P-1 and P-II up and running next weekend.
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Sounds like you are going to have one monster of a setup... But what are you going to do with all the fish?
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First replies to posts. Yes a monstor set up for sure and I will be selling the fish on-line. If you have never shipped fish it is not rocket science and you can somewhat pay for your hobby that way. I produced over 800 Endlers last summer so no wonder I am still marketing them in the classifieds here and a few choice other places.

Well after 4 weeks of various health issues-I'm fine-I forced myself to set up the pools today and up they went. I'll have photos later in the week as a typhon hit just as I finished. Anyway, both the P-1 -8'X 14" pools are up and filled. The P-2 - 110"X72"X18" is set up and filled as well.

I took the remains of last years P-1 and grabbed items such as PVC, a breeder net, and the feeder rings out. All of the Oak leaves from fall were still in the pool. Some leaves fell in when there was water most did not. I took three heaping handfuls of leaves and placed one in each pool. I learned last summer that leaf litter within reason helps to stabilize the water chemestry and speeds up the cycling time due to rapid decay. It also provides a huge foraging grounds for small fish, shrimp and crayfish. I am adding a number of corys to each pool and the leaf litter should provide cover and food for the fry. Each pool will have 8-12 corys in it and the chances of them finding their own eggs are approximately zip. My hope is to produce maybe 100 corys this year.

I still have to set the stock tanks, 125gal and 175gal. While I'm waiting for the stock tanks to cycle I'll be curing a few chuncks of drift wood that will not fit in a sink. A little tannis in the water won't hurt anything and the stock tanks are black so chances are I won't notice. I did inspect the P-1 pool from last year and it appears to be messy but otherwise usable. I'll set that up with the tanks this week once the weather cooperates. I have yet to purchase the 2 hard plastic kiddie pools, they will be used for overflow growout so there is no rush. I also have all the temporary airline and valves run along with siphons. I'm using a small pump for air right now and will upgrade to a Pond Master 40 in 4-5 wks. I've been seasoning my 125gal capacity sponge filtrs in eastablished tanks for the last 3 weeks and those will not go in the pools for 3-4 more weeks. Until the sponges go in, I'll control water quality with partical water changes and after 2 1/2 weeks a few large box filters filled with high grade carbon. Being outdoors and the Oak leaves will cause the pools to cycle rapidly and drastically along the way.

That is it for now. I'll keep you posted.
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nice. if you can afford, get one of those UV pumps. 50 bucks at petco, and i have the big 1200 gallon version for my pond. they are AWESOME.

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Not much to look at right now, pools, water, Oak leaves and airline, but here goes.
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I put my 5' kiddie pool into the ground today and added oak leaves from last fall. Its 22° though so I doubt theres much cycling going on under the ice.

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As long as there is water, nutrients and sunlight there will be cycling, just slow. Those leaves should be thick with bacterial once it warms up and it may cycle out before you get to working on it much.

As for the weather, it was 79 here last Sunday and 48 on Monday. St. Louis is the weather armpit of the world, so if I can do this anyone should be able to.

Last year I just kind of tossed the project together as I went, this year I've planned it out. I figure, based on last year, this should pay for my fishroom operations and the project itself for the year. I also have room and air capacity to add more pools so if things take off I'm ready. Just so folks know here is a list of mistakes from last year:

No emergency siphons installed until there was an emergency -Thunder storm
All fry left in pool - In late August the population exploded-slows growth and requires more air, lots of air
Not consistent on water changes - the higher the population the more critical it becomes
No bottom cover first half of summer - The leaves help a lot so they are in there already
Not feeding in designated area - This year will use three plastic coffee can lids middles removed and anchord.
Did not remove tadpole in a timely manner - They suck up air and poop a lot!
Used a cheaper brand of fish food - Not this year
No plan for too hot of weather - I have froozen milk jugs to switch out that can be connected to airlines
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As of today the three pools and one Vat, 125gal, are filled, seeded with Oak leaves and the temp air system is aggitating the surface water of all four. I put down gravel patches in two of the pools that will be used for submersable heaters and tossed in the plastic coffee can lids that act as fake lilly pads. I also did a 10% water change on the pools, refilled them and added approximately 10gal of water change water from several long-term established tanks in my fishroom. The good bacteria count in the water is low, but it should help to seed the Oak leaves and speed up cycling. I place several pond snails in one pool and several ramshorn snails in another. I don't know if the rams horns can take the low temps, but we are about to find out.

In the next four days, I plan to do a 20% water change, add 3-4 sections of PVC Pipe that has been resting at the bottom of my established tanks. I realize the pipe has a limited number of bacteria on it, but here again it helps to speed up the process. I'm also planning to toss in a teaspoon of duckweed to see if the water can support plants yet. If the duckweed goes ok then I'll add the java moss I have coming in to each of the pools. I should have two baseball size portions and if it thrives should have buckets full by the end of summer. I'm also looking for water sprite or westeria-Spelling- to put in the pools.

The rest of my brooder swords are coming in a week later than planed during the first week of May. That means I'll have a week to hold them indoors and observe. I trust my source and therefore I'm not worried. I'll try to time the platys the same. Some good news, one of my REEA Sword females is ready to burst. That proves that not all the males are sterile after all. I'm thinking that the other females are likely hit as well as they are all in the same tank. More good news, the Blond Endlers have multipled quicker than anticipated so I should have 12-16 females and 6 -8 males. Unlike regular Endlers you get significantly less males than females. I also noted that the Showa, Koi and Black and White swords are sexing out so the females should be ready. The only fish that I don't have the numbers I want are Least Killies, but I'll keep adding females from inside once fish move outside.

So what is the rest of the plan?? For now just getting pool water stabalized in the next week and one half, installing and testing heaters and getting the real air system up and running. I also need to finish the breeding traps, rough on the arms and hands for me seeing I have R.A. The sponge filters are ready any time the water temp remains stable enough-Thinking two weeks. Once adding stock, I will also run a small airdriven corner filter with research grade carbon the first two weeks until water chemistry stabalized. During the next week I'll be adding more snails and likely more Oak leaves.
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The first three pools and vat are coming along nicely. Each pool has about 20% of the bottom covered with dried Oak leaves, the air is cranking up and the pond and ramshorn snails are doing well. I've done three water changes and changed about 50% of the water now. I am going to have to open up the siphons in the morning as we are going to get sever storms and in Missouri that means a ton of rain. I added carbon filled corner filters to help stabilize the water chemistry. They are calling for a little cold snap next week, so I'll be working on water quality for the next few days.

I did have a self-cloning crayfish and some least killies conditioning outside, but the daughter in law decided to use the 5gal bucket and tossed them. I'm a little pissy as I have told everyone don't touch my stuff.
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