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Gray Tree Frogs Care Sheet!

Check it out!

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Another positive week...

So someone told me that if my channel were to say get 20k+ views then unintentionally people could want to take some of the animals from the wild even though I don't support that. So the amphibians that I have that are native I should be happy because I don't have a species that could be harmed by poaching. The Gray Tree Frogs are almost impossible to find in the wild and the American Toad is one of the most widespread animals in America and is into Canada. If I were to have another species I was told I should be mindful of this. I wasn't really looking at this aspect but now I am taking it seriously for the safety of the animals I am trying to protect. Like I said the two species currently are safe with how abundant they are so I would have to make sure I the species is safe somehow just in case my channel gets bigger I don't harm any species.

I think it's good to think about this now before it's too late!

It was a good week where everyone was just normal. Ace has gotten so fast and is catching prey at a record speed. Pious is heavy and he took it easy because he ate so much he wasn't as interested in eating more! The Gray Tree Frogs are doing wonderful. Bane and Christian are doing so well and the babies are getting bigger!

I am looking forward to what is coming for the PA Woods Vivariums! Like I have been saying we are going to go back to the basics this time. Nobody necessarily knows what I mean by that but you'll get very excited with it.

The Perspective video is going to get worked on tonight and hopefully done tomorrow. I'm probably just going to post it since it's so late and start on the Thanksgiving Showdown with the battle of the tree frogs. I have some good news that the three Whites Tree Frogs are all seemingly coming out and getting more friendly. My Gray Tree Frogs are always confident and photogenic. They might get a terrarium in the spring because it would probably be easier for me.

I have some massive plans for the Swarms Battles next year. I am very excited to see Predators vs Predators as one of my favorite insects will make a guest appearance as a feeder for Ace, Pious, Wellsboro and the rest. I also found other good feeders to use which will be really fun to see how my animals hunt them. Frogs and toads week is going to be really fun I think we are actually going back to where Wellsboro is from and I get to show you where Ace and Pious came from. I'm excited about the opportunities I have next spring and summer to show some really educational footage and to help others care for their frogs and toads.

Do you think it's important to think about what impact a native species oriented setup could have on people?

Have you ever seen Shark Week on TV? What do you think about a Frog and Toad Week? What would you want to see in it?

What do you think about me switching to terrariums over aquariums? Does it surprise you?

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American Toad Care Sheet

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Now that we have gotten the care sheets done...

If you haven't seen yet both the American Toad and Gray Tree Frog Care Sheets are complete! They we're finished a week apart and now before I begin any others I'll immediately turn my attention to the two videos I owe you all!

I hope you will read and share the care sheet! I believe they are very informative and will be very interesting to whoever reads them. As for the videos I am very excited to say that tomorrow I'm devoting to finish the Perspective video. Like the same urgency I had for the care sheets I'm going to apply to finishing and posting the video lol even if it uploads in the early morning of Monday.

I got a lot of nice comments from sharing the care sheets around the web and I am very happy to help or just inform you of these incredible animals.

I explained my process of hibernation of a couple amphibians to a trusted Herpetologist and Biologist who has successfully hibernated native species and he gave me the green light but he made it clear that there is potential risk for casualties doing this. Even the most experienced keepers will lose some animals without any reason. It's a high risk and high reward for keepers and the animals. It needs to be executed precisely or else should not be attempted. Luckily I have around a year to prepare more and ask good questions and have the steps explained a little bit more so I'm more understanding and confident doing this.

The reason this is so important to me is all about giving back to the PA Woods which I have gotten my inspiration from. I have saved many toads from death and I have raised many frogs over the years. I feel a great sense of responsibility to do something about the decline of amphibians even if it's not in the whole US I can effect my state and especially my area around me which is what I am hoping to accomplish. I can't really put my finger on why I have such a serious desire to do such complicated feats such as publicly breeding these amphibians and keeping big expensive setups with as many accessories as I can. I believe that I was put in this position for a reason and a purpose and I want to make the most of this opportunity that I can.

When I first started out I didn't see a ceiling to what I could do or accomplish with keeping selective amphibians in a diverse and complex conservation project all while treating the animals as high class as possible. As I have grown in knowledge and experience I continued to see what needed to happen next to accomplish what I had imagined. Finding a way to integrate native plants and insects were first as well as seeing if I could keep the enclosure alive. Next was about getting the lighting and devices right for the animals. Another continuing goal is being successful with 2 species. I have had success with some and had a learning experience with my Gray Tree Frogs. This is something that I still hold onto and something that I want to accomplish. I want to increase two at a time together and now the gray tree frogs as well but single since they are so toxic. The final aspect was finding a way to breed and hibernate these amphibians. As I continued to research and make progress I knew at some point I was going to have to make a decision and I decided to try to hibernate them.

Honestly when I see my two toads Ace and Pious and the bond they have and how strong of offspring they would make they gave me the desire to go ahead. A lot of people like to say their animals bond and everything but I really wanted to connect Ace and Pious together and produce young. Honestly they aren't going to live forever and if they can't the closest thing I have to them is their young. while I'm breeding to give to the wild I am hoping to keep one toad that has the personality of it's parents. I couldn't think of a better way to honor the animals I have then to give the ecosystem pieces of themselves. Sorry to get all emotional and reminiscent but I just wanted to put into perspective what I am hoping to accomplish. When the question got asked to me "if you could do something to give back would you?" I took this on as some motivation to make the PA Woods Vivariums. So now I ask you that question

There are no updates the amphibians are all doing well and look good.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit more of the background of why I am so determined to accomplish the goals I have been striving towards.

Full steam ahead for the next two videos and for the new threads afterwards. Then it will be all about building the new Skink Dynasty!

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The Perspective Video

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Thank you to everyone for the nice feedback from the new video!

YouTube has allowed me to premier videos now! This means I can post a video and set it for a later date. This will help me to have more time advertising and bringing attention to the new video! I will be attempting to do this with the Thanksgiving video coming this week!

I was recording the Gray Tree Frogs and I saw something very surprising between Christian and Bane. I don't want to ruin it but if you keep Gray Tree Frogs or are interested in hearing of something I observed that is uncharacteristic of these frogs then you'll love what I uncovered! I will be showing the baby tree frogs as well so get ready to hopefully meet the extended family of Bane and Christian.

I have been on a role with getting things done the past few weeks. Care Sheets and Videos are done except the Thanksgiving video. I'm working on it still but I am very happy to have delivered so much content in 3 weeks to you all.

This message will be the conclusion to this thread. I believe that this thread was the most productive one I ever made with videos and care sheet links and so much good information I am pleased to leave it be and to begin new chapters. So the Gray Tree Frogs will have their thread started tonight because the enclosure will just be for Gray Tree Frogs so it can be started. The Other 2 enclosures will be on another thread and because I am waiting to decide what the next direction is whether it's only toads or if they will be joined by another species. I'll wait until spring to release their thread unless I can't wait any longer.

A small note to add to mixed species setups. I do not think for frogs, toads and lizards that there should be more then two species together. I have come to this conclusion due to many factors. One species has to be the top predator even if they all cohabitate. My toads were the top predator when they lived with the gray tree frogs and when they lived with the Skinks. If the Skinks or Tree Frogs were to live with two dominant species they will get less food and even less then if there were just two species. I think you can see where I am going with this because of how animals will decide who is the dominant and in a mixed species enclosure it can be only the strongest who survive. That's why measures need to be taken seriously because whoever wants to own a mixed species setup is in control of making sure all inhabitants are cared and planned for. It takes a while to understand two species alone and how they match up with one another before any decisions should be reached. I believe Fish, Millipedes and Snails are okay to have with more then two species because of their different needs. This is why I am making sure to take time before I say I'll add or not add another species.

I have a community chat on YouTube now!
Checkout this in the link
This might work better in another post I know some were having a hard time accessing the link. This will mean you can message me on YouTube and can give me advice or even share things like videos or whatever you want with me! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you if you will be a part of my community chat.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive or given me feedback on my work. I am thankful that I got to share this with you and look forward to hearing from you in the new threads. I'll post after this message the links of active threads I'm still updating. I'll also respond to you if you comment on here!

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