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Swarms Battle 3 is going to be my favorite video, response from the vendor from the Expo and a huge increase of subscribers on YouTube...

I had a chance to see exactly how a week without Belmont went and all the animals actually were more calm and relaxed. It's actually to the point it was so noticable others in my house even commented on it. I was pleased to see every amphibian got plenty of food. Pious and Wellsboro ate and are looking healthier. Even though I feel bad for letting her go I see how important it was for my animals.

I hands down am excited for the video content of the next video. I hand fed my one tree frog Christian and I got an awesome video of Bane the other tree frog waking up and going after a Mealworm. I got some good footage of Ace eating a mealworm too. I think this will be good footage of both feeders that people use as a side food source. I will explain the difference between both and talk about which one to use along with staple feeders every time for the best results. I am very excited I think I have one problem so far fixed because the shots were taken clear with minimal to no focusing. I am hoping to have a solid commentary for this video and try to make it the most complete video. This is a really great video showcasing the toads and tree frogs. I hope you will enjoy it as well. It's coming soon maybe before the end of the month!

I got a reply from the store and they told me they would be interested in working with me. Idk what that means yet the marketing department told me to email the owner of the company so this week I may call or email him. They said he would most likely be interested he is into that stuff like working with people. I am very excited because we are one or two emails away from PA Woods Vivariums getting supported by a reptile business. I'd love to checkout new products or feeders if we can work it out. I have a lot of really interesting info about this but I want to wait for the details to all come out then talk about what's going on.

I have had a big out pouring of support from various places as I think I picked up around 6 Subscribers in like 28 hours so it's really cool to have a noticable gain. I've seen the first Swarms Battle get a lot of support by various audiences. The last video that came out (Swarms Battle Episode 2) has blown up as well! Thank you guys for supporting me and my videos because it's meant for the education on these animals and entertaining content for people who just find it fascinating. I hope to get to 100 subscribers sometime soon and that would be awesome for that to happen! I'm more happy because it means these frogs and toads will be better cared for by keepers watching my channel and it will be beneficial to the conservation of these amphibians.

A quick update on care sheets
The toad one is about done but needs some pictures and I'm starting the Gray Tree Frog Care Sheet tomorrow night. I'll try to have the mixed species care sheet done near maybe the middle of October. I got some great photos of my toads and tree frogs last night I'm going to use.

I don't have any questions for this update lol let me know what you think about this update!

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In the next Swarms Battle it will be the Mealworm and Waxworm. So for the next featured insect I have a few options and I was wondering what you all think? I have some options and let me know what you think?

European (Common) Crickets




Repti Worm or Soldier Fly

So I will be spending some time this week working on the Gray Tree Frog Care Sheet.

For the Perspective video of the PA Woods Vivarium will be another video coming soon. After this next video it's 4 Swarms Battle videos so should I take a small break and release the 2018 version of the Perspective Video of the enclosure and the animals that will live in it? I want to show you some of the most unique behavior of my amphibians and the ecosystem that I have created. There will be only 4 in the 125 gallon. There are 5 now so it's as close as I'll get to having the desired number. So now I would like to include the Woodlice and have two species of crickets in the setup. The Banded Crickets are breeding and it's been around a month and a half since I needed any new Crickets. I'd like to have them and the Common European House Crickets establish a colony in this setup. I'd be interested to see if they work together to survive or if they would compete with one another. I will show you as I attempt this and I'll show you the fogger that turns on in the morning and the Repti Temp Controller that controls the fan. I'll show you the plants as well. I want to incorporate this perspective video with my care sheets about these species. This video is supposed to feature the amphibians individually from their perspective and challenges, and it's supposed to show you more about the environment in the setup.

I am excited to make the perspective video and to make another video of my exotic animals I just wanted to see what the response is from you before I made the 5th Swarms Battle.

One major accomplishment I have been successful with is to create enclosures with native plants from the northern climate which before I came on to the scene in forums back in 2014 nobody really had much success with keeping native plants. I am proud to have inspired various keepers to attempt their native plants and animals and find joy in what they have instead of the normal exotic animals everybody has. It's going to have a part in my perspective video. I have exotic animals but I am more passionate about the native species and I thought getting people interested in them and there habitat and recreating it would bring more positive attention towards them and people would want to make sure to keep them around.

Let me know if you want the 5th Swarms Battle and what insect you want to see or the Perspective Video with something you want me to talk about.

The 4th Swarms Battle is near it will be released soon.

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This is the biggest weekend yet...

I am working on the last Swarms Battle and will be finishing the toad care sheet tonight.
This is the biggest Swarms Battle video ever! It's not one with intense action but literally the one taking up the most storage. The Mealworm and Waxworm video will be very beneficial for frog, toad and smaller lizard owners! I hope you will enjoy the up close shots of the toads and tree frogs in this video.

I earned my Gray Tree Frog Christians trust this week. I hand fed him some Waxworms and it got to the point days later I took him out of the enclosure while he sat patient on my hand and ate. He even gave me a clear sign he was done eating. He put his hand up and turned his head. It was to coolest thing seeing him communicate with me. I thought I recorded the interaction but sadly I did not. I will do this again and record it for the next video. I was blown away how bold he was being the smallest frog I own and how he let me hand feed him.

Today I will be messaging the owner of that company and hoping for a quick response that's a step forward in making progress to get sponsored.

I picked up a book to help me with the care sheet for the Gray Tree Frogs which I'll be working on still. That will be coming soon!

It was a good week I got the refrigerator put in and I started thinking about this process. It's going to be crazy that I will be preparing the amphibians to hibernate and then to bring them out of it and then breed them. I think this will be very beneficial to anyone watching my YouTube channel while this is all going on. It will help people and educate them on this experience.

I am very excited for this process and after this Swarms Battle I will be doing a video called perspective which will be made to talk about the vision and origin of the enclosure. It will also follow the animals and describe the origin of them as well and future plans. I will end the regular filming for this year with the first video to another playlist called Seasons. I will talk about the process getting the animals ready for hibernation and show them as they go into the refrigerator. That means the first video will be Winter next year describing how things are going with the hibernation and what updates are going on in the tank and how Wellsboro is doing because he isn't hibernating this year. The next video will be the video named Spring the next chapter to the Seasons Playlist. This will be about breeding and how the hibernation went and revealing the updates.

I will have more updates tomorrow as well!

Are you excited to hear about the Seasons Playlist coming?

Have you ever been able to tame a tree frog that it will eat on your hand?

What are you most excited for from all the updates?

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Messaged the owner, completed toad care sheet, working on commentary for video...

This was a great weekend getting a lot accomplished! I just sent a message to the company and I am awaiting a response! Let's hope it goes well! I have been hearing even more good reviews about them.

The toad care sheet is completed and I am excited to see it become a care sheet you all will share on here. This was a great experience and I am very thankful for Reptile and Parrots Forum for allowing me to create care sheets and I plan to work on the Gray Tree Frog Care Sheet next and a few others!

The video has all the clips in it I'm trying to find a good way to order this so it's easier for commentary. I sat down for like 30 minutes and couldn't come up with good commentary so I'm making small changes. I want this to be the most complete video of the playlist. I'm very excited for you all to see this video!

I am very happy with the progress being made it was a very big week for the PA Woods Vivariums! Every amphibian has gained weight and the enclosure is more peaceful now. It seems food was distributed evenly also. I am excited to to be thinking about the perspective video I think it actually fits well with everything. It's a good time after 5 videos to share more back story of the origin of the vision for the PA Woods and it also will be good if I partner with that pet store. They would have something to support me with because it shows the vision as well as the best features of the 125 Gallon. This is all setting up nicely!

So I am now a care sheet contributor and hopefully next spring a breeder and potentially sponsored by a store. This is all really great and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to do all of this. I have worked hard and this week was a great example of that. Hard work pays off!

I am very excited honestly to build the Pine Creek PA Woods Vivarium which will be the sibling enclosure of the Western PA Woods Vivarium. I can't wait to see a waterfall and rain wall with fish in the Pine Creek PA Woods! It will be really awesome with videos and seeing how the amphibians in their different ecosystems and if the amphibians will go after prey whether one enclosure will prefer something over another will be really fascinating. it will be interesting to see how the feeder insects will interact with the different climates as well.

I have big plans for next year the Swarms Battles, the Seasons Playlist and other miscellaneous videos. Some feeder insects will return each year like the staple feeders for the Swarms Battles. You will get to see how the Swarms Battles progress and new armies of swarms. There are many insects that I will not get to display this year. I will be focusing on the plants more and will be able to show how to introduce certain insects to be active in the ecosystem of each enclosure. I'm excited to work on Toad week and Gray Tree Frog week! There will be a lot of great things coming next year. I hope to have a misting system that works! I also will have to think of how to create two enclosures for my amphibians to breed. The uniqueness of my builds I'm trying to get the frogs and toads to breed in their own enclosures not a rain chamber. I will be excited to welcome female gray tree frogs and some offspring!

I will get better while I'm focusing on The Five Lined Dumpy Family for my video production which will make my PA Woods Vivariums videos better!

Did you know the Waxworm is a delicacy for amphibians?

What would be a good idea to include in my upcoming video perspective? What would you personally like to know about a specific animal or the enclosure etc.?

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Ace and Pious had a date night! Bane came out and wanted to photobomb some pictures Below

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October 5th the day that changed everything...

Today started out as a usual day with nothing out of the ordinary going on. Then around 10 am that all changed. I checked my animals in the PA Woods Vivarium and I was shocked by what I found.

When I saw my toads they were all together and I was surprised to see this because Wellsboro was sleeping and hiding for days and Pious climbed to a spot high in the enclosure. They came down and alerted me to the problem. Ace was having a seizure. I was very shocked to see how the other two toads stayed by her side and how they looked concerned for her. So I took her out and rushed her to the vet. My vet thought this was because of a deficiency in calcium but I use so many supplements I couldn't believe it. She had to checkout another patient and she left me with time to just watch Ace and think about what could have happened. Just yesterday she was perfectly fine eating and climbing around. Then I understood from watching her what had happened and I didn't think it would be possible but I was proven wrong.

When I am wrong I am the first to admit I made a mistake and even if people are not happy and disappointed with me they at least can't say that I lie. This is one of those times and it doesn't feel good because it will change my YouTube Channel, my Facebook Page and the PA Woods Vivariums. I promise that I have researched every animal that I own and I have made sure that they would work either among themselves or with other species. The White's Tree Frogs and Fish, Southeastern Five Lined Skinks with Squirrel Tree Frogs, Millipedes and Snails and American Toads and Northern Leopard Frogs or Gray Tree Frogs or Skinks. I made sure to prepare for the unexpected and to make sure nobody got eaten or poisoned. Everything I have done up to this point has worked. Same species and mixed species setups. Today was the day that would not allow me to say everything has worked. This time it didn't and that's okay because it will help others who think about this in the future.

So when I saw Ace in the enclosure I immediately got a bin filled it with water and placed her in it. She immediately responded positive to the water. After seeing her at the vet's office in the water soaking I noticed her getting better but still having muscle spasms. I thought back to a night when both Bane and Christian had sat in one of the water bins for hours and then how Ace went in the next day after them. Then it hit me that Ace had been poisoned by the toxin from the Gray Tree Frogs. This by no means was the Gray Tree Frogs fault they didn't do it on purpose or to be mean they were just being normal happy tree frogs. I didn't change the water which I usually do and the toxin from the tree frogs just sat in the bin and must have been strong.

The reason why the water was helping in my opinion is because she was flushing the toxin from the tree frogs out and absorbing fresh clean water. I also was told by the vet to put a UVB light over top her to let her absorb the vitamins from the light which also I think will help flush the toxin out. The odds of Ace living are 50/50 but she's doing much better now and seems to be recovering from what I can see. She's very strong, active and because of how well she was doing before this she might be able to pull through it. It's unknown if she will make a full recovery but she has movement in all legs as they all work and she is very very alert. She still tried to jump out of my hand when I picked her up.

I could be wrong and this could be a calcium deficiency but you guys have seen how much these Amphibians have eaten in the videos so to me it's unlikely but possible and it might not be the tree frogs at all. I guess further research is needed.
She did seem to respond positive whenever the UVB light was on her for a few hours. If this is the case and it is a Calcium deficiency if she's able to make it to Monday whenever the doctor is back in the office I will ask the doctor to give her a dose of a calcium supplement and after she gets the dosage of calcium if she makes a dramatic recovery we will know it was from a Calcium deficiency and not the toxin of the tree frogs. If that's the case then the tree frogs are innocent so for right now everything is up in the air. If it was the tree frogs she should either make a recovery very fast like probably by a week or less and all will be normal for her and then I'll have to most likely release Christian and Bane into the wild. If it's a calcium problem she will continue to show signs of having the same symptoms and if she's able to hold on then on Monday I will have the doctor give her the dose of calcium and the tree frogs and toads can continue to live together. The ecosystem of the PA Woods vivariums can become drastically changed depending on what happens next.

On Monday if it survives and gets the shot and she is perfectly fine we will have our answer but if she dies before then the answer goes unsolved and for the sake of the other toads the tree frogs will have to be let go. Two out of three possibilities could mean the tree frogs have to be let go but there is a slim chance it could be a calcium problem and if that's the case we will find out on Monday.

Moving forward I am working on getting a plan of action for each scenario depending on what happens I am optimistic that Ace will make a full recovery and I am taking the best care that I can of her.

The next swarms battle has been put on hold before it is released in case the worst happens it is ready to go but most likely the result of what happens Monday night will determine the future of the PA Woods vivariums forever.

But one thing that I'm thinking about and after writing all this out it is important to remain neutral and say the toxins of the tree frogs are innocent until proven guilty for this situation.

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There is a small sign of hope. Ace is seemingly doing much better and she appeared to be done twitching.

I have some optimism for the Gray Tree Frogs.

So it seems to be the general consensus of those closest to me that they don't want me to get rid of the tree frogs but they don't want them to live with the toads. I initially thought I was going to release them but I have a few options first. So the pet store that gave me the tank might let me setup a display in their store and this would be good for both me and the tree frogs. They could potentially get free crickets and I could still work on their tank and bring other feeders for them and I could potentially setup a PA Woods Vivarium enclosure at the pet store which could be good for marketing for me and I still get to have my frogs they would just be in a different place. This is my first option I'm looking to try Thursday.

My second option is contacting a local reptile rescue that takes in amphibians that people can't keep for various reasons. I really like this idea and would be willing to partner with them because there is a need for an organization like them. I would still want to maintain the right to come see them and bring food and document them for videos. The reason this is option 2 instead of 1 is because of what my mom said. "if you want someone to watch your baby when your away who are you going to trust more?" "Someone you know or a stranger?" She was right.

My third option is to keep them if I'm able to find the room for a 5th and final enclosure. It's towards the bottom but still possible if nothing works out.

My last option is to release them because I've had them for so long now and I'm building trust with them. I'd hate to lose that now.

So this could all pan out for Ace and the Gray Tree Frogs. This is not a normal update because everything that once was is going to come to an end. The tree frogs and toads will be separated soon and then comes the question what will come of the Western PA Woods Vivarium and Pine Creek PA Woods Vivarium? I will take a break for some time and focus on the exotic animals while things get built up almost from nothing again. I will research this whole winter coming on deeper care for toads and will be researching hibernation and I will make my decision about what made this enclosure different Mixed Species. I learned my lesson about what logically sounds good and even what others experiences of success were and my own knowledge and understanding are not going to guarantee anything will workout. So if you are wondering if I would do another mixed species native setup after this experience I'd say I'm not in a position to answer that right now. I'd 100% go back to one of the animals I previously kept with the toads that I know ate safe but I'm not feeling to excited about it right now. I'll reveal this whenever the time is right in the spring. The hibernation is off for this year also so if Ace survives she can build strength and recover fully. I will also I still plan on building the 75 gallon for Wellsboro and the Mosquito Fish and updating the 125 gallon. I'm going to make sure what I do next does not cause fatalities or make me seem less credible. As things will wind down on here I will focus on the exotic animals for months so time can heal this regardless what happens.

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Ace has made nearly a full recovery and she encouraged everyone in my home...

Ace was hopping around and when I took the lid off to see her she looked up at me. Around 9am she looked like she was taking a poop and some brown liquid came out and made me think it could possibly be the toxin? She has full balance and is not twitching. I'll attempt to feed her tomorrow! The UVB and fresh water has made the difference. The UVB helped her to synthesize Calcium and D3 while the water helped her to possibly flush out the toxin? I'm not sure yet what the problem was but let me say that the vet told me if it was a calcium problem she would have died within the first 24 hours and we are far away from that. The UVB light has really helped but so has the water so it's hard to say what the problem was. I can say she peed out a brown substance and was looking much better. Today was just a huge day seeing how Ace recovered.

If she was poisoned then to my knowledge she is the first amphibian to be poisoned and survive. She is a fighter and brought encouragement to everybody who was watching her. Just how she had the will to survive is something I can't even begin to explain how special that was.

So we've just about come to a conclusion on what we are doing with the tree frogs. First I'll say I truly understand more cautions with keeping animals together even though I've done it before and had both species, this experience has made me change my perspective more and even though I was never for people asking if they can do it and I didn't support it as being something for everyone to do, I am more specific what I know what works and what theoretically works like the Gray Tree Frogs and American Toads. Yes others have kept them without any problems but it's something that has too many ways it can go wrong this combination is not worth attempting. Trust me I may have almost lost my toad because of it. So I will say I believe some mixed species setups are beneficial like Lizards and large Millipedes and large Snails or non toxic tree frogs and fish I think that has benefits and I have these types of ecosystems for my exotic setups. As to the native species tanks I'm not saying I will or won't have something living with the toads but it would only be with something I had previously not trying something new but would be going back to the old and reliable. But I also might keep just the toads. I'm not really opening this part up for discussion because I need to personally evaluate where I'm at with these types of setups after this. I'll have my answer in the later months. Near the spring most likely.

There are going to be 3 PA Woods Vivariums

Western PA Woods (125 gallon)
Ace and Pious

Pine Creek PA Woods (75 gallon)
Offspring of Ace and Pious

PA Woods Paludarium (30 gallon)
Christian and Bane

No the gray tree frogs will not have fish because I am not sure that I want to risk the fish being poisoned possibly. The tree frogs are still very great pets and will be given a beautiful setup. I'm not sure about females yet but I know that the Gray Tree Frogs will get the best I have and I'm thankful to say I'm keeping them.

One final announcement I have is that I will make a video describing what happened to Ace and how everything has changed and what's going to happen next. I think it will be very interesting and will bring peace and do justice for what's going on and to report it for everyone to know what's going to happen next. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their care for Ace and had nice comments I really appreciated it! I was restless for a few days now and while there was so much uncertainty with how Ace was going to do, and the nice comments helped me to stay optimistic. Thank you all for the support. This will not happen again and I will be spending this winter getting back to researching and digging deeper then what I have before. I am going to make this video also for the people who cared so they can see how Ace is doing.

Ace seems to be getting to 100%

3 PA Woods Vivariums

Tree Frogs are staying

New video to document what's happened

More research to come for me and I will make the decision what I'm going to do next.

The Gray Tree Frogs vivarium is the only setup that's got it's inhabitants confirmed.

More information to come within the next two weeks.

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Wow, you are super dedicated to do this. Are you writing a paper for something? Maybe I'm confused, but you know this is a chat board for hobby fish tank keepers, right? It would be terrible if all your hard work went unnoticed. 😊
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Thank you for the nice comments! Island part of a few forums and I stumbled upon this fish keeping forum and I thought there could possibly be people who keep frogs on here so I wanted to do something special and a smaller piece of this forum and talk about the daily and weekly challenges of some of my amphibian enclosures so it could possibly help whoever keeps frogs.

Ace seems almost 100% and the Gray Tree Frogs have their own setup...

I just wanted to give a quick update for everybody regarding Ace. This will not take away from the next two days of updates but I felt since there was a big update between all my enclosures I wanted to give a small update now just on the most important stuff. Starting off with Ace she's doing much better she is very hyper and back to her normal self. She actually went for a swim for the first time since having the seizure. She did something a little more uncharacteristic but it's okay because what she did the other toads have been doing and that is climbing up to the top of the tank. If she's in that good of shape to climb that high up then she must be doing pretty darn good! The next challenge I have is to get her to start eating crickets again and earthworms. I'm hoping I can get that accomplished tomorrow and have another big milestone for you all tomorrow. There was a small update done to the Western PA Woods or in other words the 125 gallon. There were some leaves added and some holes patched from the plexiglass lid and water was added once again.

As for Christian and Bane they had a different kind of an update. They are currently sitting in the 30-gallon and are a little bit confused as to why they're in a different tank but they seem to be very curious of their surroundings and seem to be okay with the new setup. I think many of you will like this and this is not how it's going to look as a finished product. I still have other branches I want to put in there from the pet stores but I just don't have the money for that right now and it's not necessarily something that they need at the moment because they have a lot of ground cover and a lot of thick foliage. I'm really excited to show you guys they're setup! I think it is something that you all will enjoy looking at I was really proud of the way it turned out and it only has room to get better. So without further ado I introduce to you (in these pictures) the New PA Woods Vivarium...

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Originally Posted by Construction Sam View Post
Wow, you are super dedicated to do this. Are you writing a paper for something? Maybe I'm confused, but you know this is a chat board for hobby fish tank keepers, right? It would be terrible if all your hard work went unnoticed. 😊
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