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Things have been made clear(er)...

This is a big update. You'll want to read to find out what the state of PA said on breeding the toads, the Biopod and more on Frog week. And 100 subscribers!

So I'll start of by saying work has openings for me basically only me to fill if I want to work extra for 6 weeks. What this means is vet bills for all gray tree frogs and Ace and Pious get paid. This means the 125 gallon gets done sooner. This means AAron isn't going to have debt .

So I'll start with the state. I reached out to the state and asked about breeding my toads and gave a full detail explanation on what I intend to do and so far the toads were accepted to breed and I may release their offspring into the private property they came from. Ace and Pious will be parents and have something that actually ties them together! The hope is a successful breeding season! The good news actually is that native species of the northeast (my area) benefit from a warmer hibernation meaning the temps don't get bone chilling cold. My refrigerator will be a nice 46F. They should do well with NO PARASITES. But yes the toads are legally allowed to be parent. I got the okay. I saved the email in case someone is gonna be that person and say "Show me the proof".

I will ask about something else next and I will be messaging the family to try and save the tree frogs that are where Bane and Christian are from. I have good ideas how to do this!

I heard back about the Biopod. You guys are gonna be disappointed and then happy. So the current model doesn't have a chilling ability. However to my surprise they are talking about making a new model with a chilling capability. This is exactly what I need! They said it may be the next upgrade and out by the end of 2019. So the Gray Army and Mosquito Fish may get their home sooner than later. What this does is it means they will have to live in the 30 gallon for a while. Until it comes out to be exact. Then AAron has to save or make money lol

This means the Gray Army isn't going to be as featured as they would have with their forever home. But it means the 125 gallon will be ready and presented earlier to you.

So I reached out to many places for Frog Week and my series coming for the 125 gallon"Seasons" and have received good feedback. Many places are excited for Frog Week but guys you will be very excited to see this series. There will be nothing like it on YouTube. I have been talking to a certain invert collector to get me some insects for my enclosure and he will have what I need so I can talk about adding insects to the display. I really really misses this. There's nothing like seeing crickets and Isopods running around and earthworms just below the soil and earwigs running around while they avoid the frogs and toads and live among them. I think it's one of the most important and enjoyable parts of owning this setup.

So I hit 100 subscribers and that means you get to see the Gray Army and Toads. Christian has been moved to a smaller tank for quarantine and Pious will get the 30 gallon. I have Ace shedding and Wellsboro collides with a Hornworm again. The toads and Bane actually showed me that the hornworms in the Swarms Battle from 2018 were sick or had something because the animals gulped them down this time. Sadly I believe the Gray Army was framed and did not poison Ace like we thought. They may have had some part in it but I believe that there were other problems. Bane showed me that he's going to be the top frog and Christian knows it. When I put Christian next to Bane he within 30 seconds faced him and lunged at him following him around all night. Christian submitted so the hierarchy figured it's self out. Bane was being a jerk though. I didn't think he's as dominant as he is. I'll monitor them to make sure that Bane doesn't stress Christian too much. Bane and Wellsboro both in the upcoming faction and both aggressive amphibians.

I'll make sure to show what I can for the 100 subscribers Special. Thanks everyone for following me and supporting me. I am grateful and want to give you the best video experience possible. I am looking forward to growing and producing some of the best series on YouTube and sharing it with you!

One more announcement.
I'm in the process of building a website for the PA Woods Vivariums and making it more professional. This will not take away from my activity on here. It will be more for helping me show companies what I have and what I am doing. So I don't have to email as detailed I can say hey look at my website. I can write up things on there but it's not a blog to talk about the weekly updates like on here. I'll try to build up the website and I'll need your help with supporting it however you can! But it's not going to take away from here it's for a different purpose. I'm trying to make the brand more professional and bigger right now. Not just building the setups and deworming the animals and not only upgrading technology but also improving and building my brand. There's a lot to be done and a lot being done. This summer will be crazy!

Are you happy for the Gray Army that they will get their home or are you more concerned about Christian with how Bane is being?

Are you excited for Ace and Pious they got approved to be able to breed?

Are you excited to see the 100 subscribers special and the website? The website will take a while to get finished so it will be a while.

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What an exciting time for the PA Woods!

This week a lot was accomplished. I am going to wait to release details to confirm what's going on for some big news of Frog Week.

I am going to a reptile expo to meet some members of Josh's Frogs and I will be talking to them about Frog Week. I may pick up some stuff for my exotic animals while I'm there but I'm hoping the owner is there so I can talk to him. They are honestly a great company with good intentions. They only sell captive bred animals. Moving away from Frog Week...

Ace and Bane are officially dewormed. They finished the process and I'm happy to say new animals. I will cover them big time in the 100 subscriber special. Pious has disappeared in his quarantine tank and I think he's upset at me because I took him out of his home and he can't see Ace. He came to see her and slept near her every day. I'm waiting for him to surface and Christian has done well in his quarantine setup. He hasn't gained too much weight but maybe in a few weeks he will. For Spring break I will take both of them for their first visit to see how they are. I think it will take work for Pious but that's why he's going. I can't wait to get these two healthy and to put Ace and Pious together again and Bane and Christian together again.

I learned that it will not be possible to keep the toads and gray tree frogs together again. Ace has been trying to eat Bane. It could be many reasons why but she's more aggressive now. It's not possible to keep them together. I hope she will still bond with Pious. I'm optimistic because she should know him. We will see though. Once I feed her heavy again it may ease her aggressive behavior. She definitely could eat a praying mantis how she's acting. That's good because it's going to be her facing one this summer.

I have been studying a lot about the native frogs and toads even more lately. I think if something happens to an exotic setup I'm becoming very interested in the Pickerel Frog. I would try to keep them next. They are actually found in the same place as Ace and Pious. They could use help too but it will have to wait. I'm happy with what I have. I will be studying them this year. They I believe will be in Frog Week but no guarantee.

I will be making a few care sheets this year like the Northern Leopard Frog Caresheet,
American Toad Caresheet Part 2, Gray Tree Frog Caresheet Part 2 and a few others.

Would you like to know more about the Pickerel Frog and do you think it would be cool to see for Frog Week?

I have to say that I am changing the name of my Western PA Woods Vivarium. It will be called the Southwestern PA Woods Vivarium. This way we are even more specific.

I will probably get a larger temporary tank for the Utopians meaning the Gray Army and Wellsboro. While they wait for a Biopod I'll be getting them enclosures this summer to start the Utopians Faction.

What do you think of Ace vs a Praying Mantis? Would you be interested in seeing Wellsboro vs a Wolf Spider?

These are some of the battles that will happen this summer. The Mantis and Spider will not be full size. They will be smaller so they can be consumed.

Another smaller update to come tomorrow!

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I have big news in a small update!!!

So I went to the expo and first thing was first went to talk to Josh's Frogs and I was telling the guy at the booth about my project (Frog Week) and he actually knew what it was. He said their marketing team is following 3 projects and mine is one of them. They are going to help push my name and the project. To give you guys perspective on how big this is they have 22k followers on YouTube and 132k on Facebook. So they will bring around 160k people potentially to watch Frog Week. That's not counting their Instagram. This is a big deal! They were taking me serious and listening intently to me. They remembered my name, gave me free fruit flies and the video editor of their YouTube videos was the guy I talked to. He even gave me his private cell phone number to get in contact with him directly. It actually sounded like we might be able to work together on future projects like Seasons for the 125 gallon coming soon. I'm very excited to work with them and to have their support. They only breed or sell captive bred frogs and it's cool they want to work with someone who wants to preserve wild frogs. We agree on the conservation of all of the species and that's what brings us together they are where I'm not and vice versa. I think they will come back to PA and I'm excited to reach out to them.

More on some unclear updates from yesterday

So the Utopians might have to wait a while for their forever home it's like they are the Jewish people leaving Egypt. None of the animals will live 40 years so hopefully Biopod hurries up! In their place the Utopians meaning Wellsboro the Golden Toad and the Gray Army will get to live in a 30 gallon and 40 gallon. This will be the origins of the Utopians! I have renamed and organized some playlists on my YouTube so you can watch the origins of the PA Woods and the Five Lined Dumpy Family. Now we will add the origins of the Utopians this year! The Utopians will be a big part of the channel from late summer on.

The newly named Southwestern PA Woods Vivarium is going to be owned by Ace. She has become actually more tame with her aggressive pursuit of food. She doesn't jump away from me and she's getting better at hunting again. So I am going to do some interesting research with the Utopians and the Wild West (125 gallon).

I will add insects exclusive to certain enclosures to see what it does to the Gray Army, Wellsboro and his gang and the 125 gallon. I will add Banded Crickets and North American Giant Millipedes. The Arthropod is going to be exclusive to the Utopians. For Wellsboro and his home he will have small stone centipedes and the common house cricket. This will be unique because the centipedes may hunt the crickets but in turn the crickets may hunt the centipedes. I will also possibly feed Wellsboro spiders (small defenseless) which are also arthropods. I want to see what it does to the frogs and toads. I'm adding Millipedes not as prey but as cleanup crew for the Gray Army. The Millipedes will climb the logs that will be added to an arboreal setup and will eat the decaying logs. They will be bigger or as big as some members of the Gray Army.

The Wild West will have no arthropods but both species of crickets and an Earwig species. I want to see what the presence of two cricket species and the earwig do with the toads and gang. We will see if adding arthropods to the diet helps or doesn't change the weight or temperament of the toads in the Utopian faction. In the Wild West the Earwig will most likely be the top insect predators as they can hunt many types of insects and in turn will take an overpopulation of baby crickets and cut them down. The crickets in turn will hunt the abundant earwig populations. We will see if the insects hunt the isopod population. A lot of cool stuff to observe!

I also wanted to say that the Pickerel Frog who was talked about yesterday will be searched for and I'd like to learn more about them. They are a species that isn't very talked about but I find them interesting. They are first in line to join the PA Woods Community pending a disaster.

So for a big small update are you excited that Frog Week is going to be advertised by Josh's Frogs?

What do you think about the experiment of arthropods?

Are you excited to see the Pickerel Frog? Also are you looking forward to seeing the rise of the Utopians?

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I have decided to move to try and help people on frog and lizard forums but I appreciate all the help that you all have given me here and the people who took the time to read my updates. I still want you to be a part of my projects! Please still follow me on YouTube and Facebook to see what's going on with the PA Woods Community!

Thank you all for your time!

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