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Oh, I missed the best photo ever the other day. Cooper was standing on his hind legs just staring at one of my tanks. Just...for several minutes and it finally hit me "GET VIDEO!" When it should have hit me like "TAKE A PHOTO" lol wasn't enough light for a video, so I stood to turn on my light and Cooper came to me. Ruined it, I coulda just taken a photo with the flash. T____T It was the cutest thing in the world, ever. Just sitting on his little butt, tail out behind him, little front paws hanging in front of him while he looked up with those big long whiskers sticking out...-melts-

I've never seen him do it like that before, it was like he was mesmerized. I think it's the first time he's seen neon tetras. Ferrets see in reds and blues and otherwise have terrible eyesight, they're practically blind. lol Neon tetras are red, blue and silver, so they must have stuck out to him very well with that white background.

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Don't worry about the peanut butter it's fine for them. You probably already know this trick but just in case,when it's nail clipping time rub some peanut butter on their belly they get so preoccupied with the cleaning and eating of the peanut butter they forget you are clipping their nails.
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Not to yell or anything but, truly just trying to teach you a bit(I do a lot of educating people on ferrets and their care since so many just don't realize what they think is ok, is actually very, very bad)...
Peanut butter is absolutely not ok for them in any way, even as a rare treat. In fact it can kill them if given to much, or given it even as a treat too often. It can cause diarrhea, which it did to poor Cooper, which can be fatal to them within a mere day if you can't get it stopped. They have very short digestive tracts, basically it's only about three hours from eating to pooping, and so they cannot handle such a huge loss of fluids.
It has too much sugar which causes insulinoma later in life, an incurable and common disease because too many people feed their ferrets stuff they just shouldn't have. It can fry up their kidneys and hearts nice and fine. =/
It's unfortunate too many don't know that. I didn't know before either, but really didn't give peanut butter more than...well, a few times, one being when my grandpa let him out on accident when they were watching him for me, he went to visit the neighbors dog, who wanted to kill him, and I couldn't get him out from under their deck....But they don't even get that as a rare treat anymore, it's all steak fat or turkey fat clippings as their treat.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. Plant-matter foods, grains, wheats, sugars and carbs, all terribly bad for them. =( They lack a cecum and therefor cannot digest things like that or most fruits/berries and they can cause blockages, prolapses, and stones, even fry their organs. A lot of these take time...but many can hit hard within hours, days or weeks. Peas are on the especially bad list, same as they should be for cats and dogs....a lot of times they cause bladder stones. Eesh, my cat died from that when we switched him to Blue Buffalo foods, didn't know peas were so bad. Our vet said some do great on it, others get snags that are costly to fix, extremely painful, and sometimes cannot be fixed. Bad, bad. =(

Meats, proteins, fat, bones, good stuff, especially organs from fowl like turkeys, chickens, ducks, pheasants, and also from several types of rodents like rabbits and rats. Eggs are good too, we're going to start our weekly egg nom soon ourselves, the yolk is especially good for them. SOME plant-matters are ok as an -extremely- small portion of a raw diet to replace feather or fur(aids in digestion and healthy poop!) if not fed whole animals. Instead I let their kibble do their thing after they eat some tasty meats, occasionally I will give them pumpkin, which I'm still not comfortable with...but it's a lovely way to right the entire digestive system, stops diarrhea and constipation. =)

A lot of people grew up seeing ferrets that liked things like...cereal, crackers, cookies and pasta and chocolate and weird stuff. It's funny that they like those odd human foods though, isn't it? But it's very seriously bad for them. Some can handle them better than others. Kinda like some dogs can handle chocolate whereas others, even a large dog, could eat a single hershey's kiss and be poisoned by it. Doesn't mean it's ok for them.

With the claw clippings, I used to use ferretvite. Little ferretvite on the belly once every two weeks or so...problem is, ferretvite has a lot of sugar in it and therefor can cause insulinoma. I'm currently searching for something they like just as much, but is -truly- ferret safe. :3 I was aimed at Ferretone, but it's...well, it's soy stuff. c.c Basically we just have someone scruff them while we clip. Takes a bit longer since they get tired of it and try to skeedaddle. They don't realize if they'd just hold still I could be done in less than a minute. :3

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I don't disagree with you but the small amounts I'm talking about have never caused issues here.I'm not too old to learn though.I've lost many a ferret to insulinomas and if by eliminating these treats help decrese this I'm all in. It's my understanding that carbohydrates are a trigger for the development of insulinomas.Unfortunately I'm on my way out(job interview) but would love to pick this up again.Right now we have a total of 11 ferrets in our care and I'm thinking maybe we need to update our notions of ferret care and nutrition.We've been using Science Diet Feline maintenance with our vets approval for around 25 years and would like your opinion on that.Talk Soon
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Yeah, carbs can lead to it and other organ issues too. Their bodies just can't handle that stuff. But sugars, sugars are a big hit to the system and a huge cause of insulinoma. Thing is, it's not an all as an example not everyone who over-eats on sweets is going to get diabetes and such. But since ferrets are so prone to those issues, it just makes it that much higher of a problem.

And...did you say ELEVEN? I WISH! Me and my pair have been wanting to expand for a while now. It's just, at the moment I couldn't risk it, if something nasty happened I'm in the red on the money situation and would have to make a very hard choice if it came again. Ren had some issues when I got her with her weight, Cooper had some fur issues we thought may be adrenal, turns out it was just one of those things that fixed on its own. Big bills though, plus the dogs surgeries year before last totaled more than $7K... Who knew it could all hit at once and reduce savings to below zilch? LOL

And even I am still learning. I've been doing a ton of research and am by no means an expert...but there are a couple things that I know for sure. I've been thoroughly researching their diets and things that can cause problems, and are most likely to. Friend of mine just had her ferret diagnosed with Insulinoma. Perfect diet and care...but gave ferretvite daily as a treat which they're positive caused it.
Ferrets love things they shouldn't have. My Cooper, he loves peanut butter, sure...and in small amounts in a not often thing -probably- wont do him any damage, but very well could...however, last Thanksgiving we discovered he likes dried cranberries, and by accident when ma spilled a bag while making dinner. There's a prolapse waiting to happen! Was an odd random thing. lol Thankfully he had no problem, but wow. Since they can't properly digest that stuff, sometimes it gets stuck on the way out and takes the intestines with them, or blocks them up completely. c.c Ren doesn't like anything odd. Oh, wait, sweet things like cookies and crackers, and for some odd reason orange soda. Thankfully she's one of those grab and find a place to hide, THEN eat after much searching around for any watchers kind of ferrets. We never give them, but sometimes the kids sneak into the TV room to eat where they're not supposed to and drop something. x.x; Which is why they're banned from eating in there in the first place. LOL

Anywho, yeah...gotta watch out. I'm sure some can handle, but some can't. You'd be better off trying ferretone for the nail clipping times. It's not the best either, but it's better than peanut butter or ferretvite which is all sugar and some carbs I believe. I loved the stuff until my vet discussed more downsides than upsides to it with me. Ferretvite even helped us switch easier to the raw diet, I'll miss that stuff and how easy it made nail clipping...which really isn't that hard, just scary. =( I asked around about it too and found out he was right, he is a specialist vet but I like to double and triple check anyways. lol

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Ren and Cooper the night before after a long day of play. As you can see, I left their cage open, as I do often, so they can get in and out as they please. I walked in and they were curled up in the carefresh ultra bedding(Haven't gotten it in a while, though they love it, because it's expensive! They miss the litterbox often so it's such a waste, but it was a nice treat for them). Unfortunately, Ren saw me and got up...well actually she saw me a couple times, but I held real still and she went back to sleep, but she heard the camera turn on, the stupid thing beeps. T_T It's quiet, but it was enough. Still, it's a cute photo. Ren's making her "I'm trying not to yawn" face. It makes her look ratty. lol

They came out for a nice drink and some love after that. This is what I use for their water when they're out, anything smaller and they flip it over. Oh hey, anyone else have a ferret that does what Ren is doing with her belly when they drink? She sucks herself in until she looks like a skeleton and drinks while her upper side gets full, then walks around like a dork(all arched in the back and slow) until she stretches it down with a belch and goes about her normal business? ^^; She's so odd! She doesn't always do it, usually only with duk soup, but that's just water, only the third time I've seen her do that with plain water, Cooper never does it.

The little twerps found my new shoes less than an hour after I got them, and of course...they had to come chew on them. I don't let them, except for this photo(you can see Cooper knows better, but he's my chewer and not Ren! He got yelled at the other day for it though, so he's cautious but still tries when I'm not looking). I need to get them a kong or something of similar make without the holes in them. I'm afraid they'll get their heads stuck, still looking for good chew toys!

Sorry, this one is a bit out of focus...Cooper was begging to be petted. :3 When they want to be petted or picked up, they lay pathetically at your feet like this. x) And that rug is actually, or was actually, my bathroom rug, lovely to stand on over the tile when getting out of the shower. But they LOVE it, they roll on it and rub their bellies and slide around on it. Too funny. You can also see Cooper's bum and part of his tail is blonde...this happened when he decided to get rat tail a few months ago. We took him to the vet and they said it happens sometimes and either grows back or doesn't...his grew back pretty fast, but a lot of it came in extremely blonde, and extremely soft, like Ren is soft(Cooper has coarser, though still soft, feels coarse but it's not, it just seems that way because Ren feels like down). What scared me was he also lost a good chunk on his lower back, you can see the blonde there too. .-.; Well, it fixed, and the vet said he didn't have adrenal but may have had a vitamin deficiency, which was fixed since I had changed their diet three days after it started, he said that was likely it since it started coming back within the week. :3 Hard to believe he had pretty much no fur on it now, eh? LOL

Well, here's my cute ferret update! I need some more. This was the day they got the awesome treatment. Nails clipped, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, bathed and then taken to Petsmart on harness and leash for a good walk and some fun meeting people and playing on the cat playhouses. They looove to go out with me. The Petsmart near here is pretty good, and those two, Cooper especially, are celebrities there. Most of the workers know them, they see Cooper waddling towards the fish area and go "HEYYY IT'S THE FERREEEET! Hi Cooper!" He gets so happy. x)

Ren is already shedding out her lovely winter coat, Cooper hasn't started yet. They're both slimming up for the summer too. Ah, I'll miss my Winter Chubbies. x) I still can't get used to it, used to think something was wrong with them. They're pretty extreme with the loss and gain from the seasons though, it's understandably scary. They like to be slim for the summer. Well, sometimes Cooper gets fatter...and lazier. Ren is always running around.

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Hahaha, I was searching through my stuff and found a funny old video of Leo the Cat and Ren playing in the bathroom. This was before I got Cooper, JUST before I got him, and also before I was comfortable letting them run around the house freely.

Leo was the most gentle cat in the world, I miss him so much(For those who do not know, Leo passed away February 5th, 2013). Seeing these videos makes me miss him more, but I can also see more and more just how awesome he really was with everyone and everything!

These two were always playing around and getting up to trouble, same with Cooper when he joined our rag-tag team of odd family members. I wish I could have gotten footage of them when they used to chase each other around the house several times. Usually with a ferret chasing the cat, but sometimes Leo would turn and chase them. Yet, every time I got the camera, they'd all stop and stare at me.

And yes, those noises are Ren. She got mad when he jumped up on the counter where she couldn't go. xD Don't worry though, he came back!

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Ren and Cooper got their first egg today(mostly just the yolk), started that pretty late, didn't I? Cooper LOVED it, Ren not so much...but then it is their first one, I'm hoping she'll try some before Cooper eats it all, which he likely has by now...Trying to figure out how often they can have them at the moment, I know they're very good for them.

I also got a video for you guys, oh my gawd it took more than a week to finish processing the lighting, you couldn't see it! It's of Cooper sleeping in his hammock, he just looks so cute with his feet hanging out. :3

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I was thinking about ferrets earlier this week when I saw your avatar and was like - Sylverclaws should totally make a journal of her ferrets! LOL
So a big thank you for uploading all these cute ferret pics!
(also I had to be subbed to this...)

Owner of fish, hermit crabs, shrimp and plants!

Hermit Crab Association (HCA) is a great resource for hermit crab care
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You're welcome. I love sharing them, they're not as common of a pet as some people think.

I have an update for the day on my two fuzzbutts. We took them to the vet for their annual distemper shots and a check up. Ren is much loved by my vet, he always, ALWAYS says something about how beautiful or perfect she is which makes me happy. He chuckled when I said "What about Cooper? He never gets a compliment!" =p

So, Ren weighs one pound and six ounces, Cooper weighs two and a quarter pounds. They're both in perfect health he said, everything looked and sounded great...

Unfortunately Ren had an allergic reaction to the distemper this time, she did not with her first round of vaccines. She got agitated and itchy, and peed all over. He gave her a shot of cortisone and she got less itchy a few minutes after and then acted sleepy and drugged. Poor girl. We waited for a while to be sure, but she's alright! She's back to herself now, an hour later. Cooper had no problem, he never does...except the whole knowing he was next part, that's the first time ever I couldn't get him out of the carrier. xD He watched her get felt around and prodded by the vet and was having none of it. He climbed onto my head, as usual, and glared at the vet once done, but then the nurse walked in and I think he fell in love. :3 So yeah, they can have reactions to vaccines. Pro tip, stay for at least twenty minutes to half an hour after the shots to see if they have a reaction, otherwise if you just get it and go you risk trouble from a ferret who didn't have any prior, or did for that matter...they can fix it quicker if you stick around.

Well, we're off to bed now. Wanted to stick around a while to watch her longer, she's just hanging out, Cooper is keeping an eye on her and grooming her gently, so he's taking good care, he knew she wasn't right before but he seems to have lightened up now. I think I'll read a bit of my book and watch her a bit longer, I get a bit paranoid with my babies. n.n;

I gotta get up some new photos, I'm hoping to use this thread to show how their coats sometimes change from season to season. If you missed my photos of them as babies, you wont be surprised, but if you did and look back you may be shocked at how dark Cooper used to be.

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