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For Ferret Lovers -videos and photos included-

So, I have been made aware - on a great many occasions - that my ferrets are quite popular among some users. So I thought I'd make a ferret video and photo spam place. Plus, I LOVE to share my sweet little fuzzbutts.

I was also wondering if anyone else had ferrets to share photos and videos of.

I will also be happy to answer questions on care and training and such if I can, and about my own fuzzbutts.

So, videos! I'll get right to the point now, videos and photos of my two squirts. :3 My little fuzzbutts are the sweetest ferrets ever, in my opinion. They don't smell bad since I have them on a proper diet, and they never, ever bite other than play noms that don't even leave a mark, and don't hurt. They loooove people, other pets(especially dogs and cats), and especially love young children who we are VERY careful of, more for the ferrets sake in this case...This does not mean all are like this, it depends mostly on how you raise them, but by nature are not vicious or mean, just curious and rowdy.

This is Cooper in a homemade dig box with, yes, ferret litter. lol A lot of those "Dust free" litters really aren't! I had to shake and vacuum until I saw no more, he loooved it.

This is Ren, she found a ball to play with. She's in the dog bed having a ball, excuse the pun. =P

This is Cooper killing Mister Sticky. No, we did not let him have it, it was just such a funny accident I had to film him messing around a bit before tossing it away. YES ferrets DO make noise, more than just the famous "Dook" sound. They hiss, they squeak, they whine, they "Cackle" or "Bubble" as I call it, and even make sounds similar to...well, a friend of mine said he sounded like a seal. This is Cooper hissing a lot while playing like that, his hissing is actually not anger, which it can also mean, but a request for rough play.

I think this is my most popular video. Sorry, I don't know how to make music loop so it stops short. This is Ren and Cooper playing with snow in a bucket. =) It's fairly bouncy, sorry, I was having some trouble keeping still.

This is Cooper picking on Leo the Cat. A bit in there somewhere he actually tackles Leo when he walks back into the room.

This isn't really a video so much as a recording, these are some other, much more rare sounds, that ferrets also make. He was about ten-twelve weeks old here, and he looooves water, those are his "I'm oh so comfy" sounds.

Just to prove Cooper loves his swimming time(no we don't wash with soap very often as it's bad for their skin, but they can swim in plain water all they want), I got this video. He just floats along, it's quite funny. As you can see, Ren doesn't like it as much. Well, she DOES, she just hates getting her tail wet as you can visibly see. xD

Now, onto photos! :3
This is Ren and Cooper in the bath. Again. Ren looks miserable, Cooper is falling asleep. She's NOT as miserable as she seems, I promise. But it's so funny how she looks when wet. She kinda gives in once the tail is wet.

This is Ren in the middle of what is called "The Weasel War-Dance" it is what they do when they get REALLY excited and happy. She was playing with a feathered cat toy. lol I know it's not the best, getting action photos with my camera isn't easy. Impossible to get good ones more like.

She did eventually get that toy!

Yeah, Ren didn't want to wake up yet. xD Yes, see those teeth? They're not rodents, they're carnivores. PURE carnivores for those who didn't know that tidbit. They do eat rodents though. Mine get other meats...grandma doesn't want frozen rats in the freezer. =)

Cooper getting an oatmeal soak. Soap is a rare option, but oatmeal, yes that's what the murk and junk is, is very good for their skin so long as they don't eat it. Which they don't. =)

This is Ren with my little cousin about a year and a half ago. Ren absolutely adores kids. She's very careful around them too. My cousin on the other hand, has to always be watched or she tries to put them in boxes and doll clothes...

Did I mention ferrets are pure trouble? Well they are! This is Cooper when he was six months old. He had done this three times. I thought I picked up all the toilet paper rolls, but Leo the Cat tossed one down the stairs right after I finished clean up and Cooper ran in like a bull. I took a photo of shame before removing it this time. He has not done it again since then. ^_~

Now for some baby photos. Unfortunately I don't have any good ones of Ren when I got her at three months old...but Cooper I got when he was six weeks old. This was a mistake as they should not be sold until eight weeks or older. He's a "Marshalls Farm Accident" Marshalls being the ferrets you see the most in pet shops, sometimes they send out a baby too young with older babies, a dangerous mistake they should not be having. Thankfully I knew a bit about what I was doing and bought him...pretty much saved his life since he did not know how to eat or be a ferret. Anywho, this is the night we got him, he was so darn cute. I see the appeal of having youngsters, however even if you know what you're doing it is hit or miss on them surviving even at six weeks, so don't do it. Cooper had been starving for three days before I got him, poor baby, had to force some water. Often they have issues or die from not being weaned and taught by mom.

Cooper investigating Leo the Cat for the first time, Leo was already used to Ren and had proven to be the sweetest and most gentle cat, though he was not raised with weasels. He loved EVERYONE. Leo passed away last February, the ferrets both mourned him severely after he didn't come back from the vet visit. It was awful, the three of them were like...the Three Musketeers, always in trouble together, playing together and sleeping together.

This was Ren the second day I had her. She was also not well cared for unfortunately, but I got her taken care of. She was filthy with claws too long and was a bit malnourished, though it's hard to see she was all bones with her winter coat.

She's beautiful now though, eh? She's a bit static-y here from the tunnel though. lol She's not as mean as she looks, she's the sweetest thing ever.

This is Ren caught making trouble. lol I snuck up on her from the stairs and she spun around right when I snapped the photo. She was trying to rip open the bag of toilet paper...she knows better, but eh, they're ferrets! Nothing but mischief, and thieves to boot. ^_~ Be aware, they will steal your socks, gloves, hats, even your underwear and leave it out for all to see...Diapers, toys of all kinds, small things like wallets and objects like it, CD cases made of fabric...Brushes, the occasional TV remote...and so on!

Our neighborhood watch. lol

This is one of those...perfect timing photos. Cooper thought I caught him being naughty(he just got dry and thought to sneak back in the tub, but there was no water...he spazzed when he saw me looking and slipped, hence the funny tail-flip photo)

And I leave us off with some Winter Comforts. It's a bit different this year, but just as comfy looking. I hope everyone in the cold areas of the world are keeping warm and comfortable! =)

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That was a wonderful post.My wife and I have a ferret rescue where we take in unwanted ferrets and those that have escaped and gotten lost. It's a joy to see such well cared for and loved ferrets.Made my day Thanks
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Well thank you for the comment, and thank you more for taking in ferrets who need help. It's just such a common thing, they're often about as abused as goldfish(you know, kept in a bowl without a filter because people -chose- to be ignorant and not research, they're are often fed cat food and human junk foods and not meat or high protein kibbles like they should have and end up with cancers, insulinoma, fried spleen and kidneys...poor guys), but are rarely found in time, or found at all. =(

I try very hard to do everything right by them. I research and look up stuff on them almost daily and have for more than two years, since just before I got my first sweet girl. It never hurts to keep checking info and learning. My vet told me Ren is a "Perfect Specimen" for a ferret. lol He never says much on Cooper though. T_T I know he's got a big head and a bit of an over-bite(and he had Rat Tail but it grew back fully within a few weeks...although some grew back blonde which looks odd on his black and grey tail), but he's so preety and sweet. Ok, he does like Cooper, he's always cuddling him a bit when we go. lol And he does say both have lovely coats and are a perfect weight and bright, and since he's a specialized vet, that makes me feel pretty good. :3

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Ferrets are awesome! I had a ferret years ago. When ever I would take a shower he would break into the bathroom and jump in. I let him run around quite a bit, but whenever I needed him back in his cage all I had to do was open a jar of mayo. Guess I didn't provide the best nutrition, but I really didn't know.
Thanks for the very entertaining post.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

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Well, if it makes you feel better...if I ever need to trick Cooper, like the time my grandpa left the back door open and he got loose and ended up under the deck in my neighbors yard...I use peanut butter. In his two years he's had a few licks of peanut butter maybe four times. It's far from good for them, but it did save him from being eaten by the neighbors dog. He was still a kit and would -not- come to me, he teased me and kept going back under, kicking dirt in my face and I couldn't get in there!

Mine will also climb all over you if you have soda or a bag of chips. Especially orange soda. We don't give it to them or let them get it(we have discovered that leaving things out of the cupboards is bad and are kinda paranoid about leaving anything out, so we don''t now lol), but the way we found out about it was ma had a glass of it and they got on the table and stuck their faces in and went to town. We had to call a vet to make sure it wouldn't kill them, even though they only got a few quick licks before I got a hold of the stinkers. @[email protected]; Who knew?

They're trouble makers, and love things that just aren't good for them. Problem with both is it risks giving them diarrhea, even a small amount of it can. So, for future reference, should you ever get another ferret or ten, try making treats like...chicken fat or turkey fat, or some form of animal fat. It's better for them as a treat(key word treat, though animal fat, the good stuff, is highly good for them but only certain kinds). Mine have been officially tricked into thinking raw steak fat is a treat they shouldn't have. x) Which is fine as a treat but with beef, not good as a...full source of food. Also chicken livers which is a rare treat BECAUSE it's kinda costly, but fairly good for them.

I'm sure even people fully knowledgeable have mishaps or make mistakes on things they think are good for them. lol

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The two squirts are going to get a bath today. We're doing the preening thing. lol Clipped claws, got 'em all brushed and they will be again, had some fun, now for their first real bath in about five months...because Cooper stinks, though Ren really doesn't. Over the last week Cooper seems to be getting a tad....musky around the face area where they still have their scent glands. This is the first I've smelled it, but hey! Hopefully it's one of those...boy things that just happen sometimes.

Anywho, photo. I love to get one of them itching their bellies. I missed this one a bit, Ren was initially on her back completely chewing on the center of her belly. They always get really wild and bounce around...and then stop for an itch, it's just too funny. Perhaps I will get you guys some wet woozel photos later, they're quite funny after a bath, but they're hard to get since they're so wiggly when wet.

Ah, the cat scratcher, I think I vacuum that up twice a day. If the cat isn't making a mess, the ferrets do, though they don't knit so much as climb and jump all over it. :3

Neighborhood watch again. A Cooper has been spotted...and knows it!

Halloween in style, that's what I got the hat for, initially for Cooper, but here's Ren in it. lol She's trying to look at the bell.

They just look so fat and fluffy with their winter coats, don't they? :3 Cooper actually was a bit chunky there for a while, but Ren really wasn't, it's all fur.

Hanging out with Leo the year before last.

Ah, I forgot about the time Cooper fell asleep trying to get in grandma's shoe. LOL This was when he was...oh, five month old I think. He no longer fits. He's no longer that dark either. =( I kinda miss it, but eh! They do sometimes change color, Ren got both darker and lighter, just in different areas.

Tunnel kisses. :3 If I'm not mistaken, you can actually kinda see Cooper has blue eyes. He had them as a kit and they never went away, but since ferrets are practically blind as is and have huge pupils, it's really hard to tell. They're extremely light sky blue.

Always bickering in the tunnels. Ren likes to pester Cooper, she goes in, he follows, she turns around and they nom. lol No, they never hurt each other, not intentionally, they just like to mouthe each other. It's a bit of a game to them.

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heehee.... so cute!!! That tunnel looks like so much fun! <3
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I miss being able to fit in the tunnels at restaurants and stuff. lol Tunnels are a blast.

Ah, I've been doing a little project with my squirts over the last few months. Getting them on a nice raw diet along with their normal kibble. I wanted to make their life as it should be and give them what their bodies desire and need. It takes a while when they're not used to it, and mine were not raised on it, nor did I know you had to be patient when starting them on it as kits, I just thought they'd refuse it fully and starve, so I gave up(wish I hadn't, would have been SO much easier to get them going then than it was now, and I likely would have saved a fortune on commercial ferret foods...they can cost more than twenty dollars for a three pound bag of the good stuff! And it only lasts a month, IF that. Now accompanied by the raw diet they last much longer). But after some reading and tips from a ferret-lover, we've got them going. We started out with ground beef, took them a week to get over themselves and just dig in. They'd eat it, but they'd take a few hours. After that they'd eat it when I put it in, once they were used to it I started them on turkey, took them a while there too, but not as long. Then we moved to something a bit more out there: Duck and venison with ground hearts, liver and ground sheep bone...they hated it, but they'll eat it. It was one of those already mixed order in raw foods with the roughage, and I'm not so sure on it so I don't think I'll continue it.

So today we finally found a place they sell organs and stuff(guess we shoulda checked walmart lol), been looking forever since organs are needed as a big part of their diet. Picked up some chicken livers, hearts and gizzards. I gave them a liver after I drained the excess blood(there was a lot of it, yuck, obviously left some but not a POOL of it), cut them into four large pieces(those things are huge, I thought they'd be smaller...), and heated them up a tad, added a pinch of duk soup...and surprisingly, they dug right in immediately. I thought for sure the new meat would be another week long battle, but Ren went over, kicked Cooper out of the way, and pulled out a big chunk and bit in half and ate it. I had trouble cutting it...just goes to show how powerful their jaws are, they're MADE for that stuff. So hey, got the best part of their diet added within the first few seconds, no fight. :3 Now I just need to get them to eat things with the bone-in. Also have to make sure Ren shares with Cooper, who will likely end up being the picky one. xD Otherwise he would have butted in.

My little update for today, I hope it didn't gross anyone out. It sure grossed me out, but I haven't the right to put them on things I'm more comfortable with over things that are really good for them. =) So here we are! I wanted some lamb meat and heart for them, but ma boycotts anything baby, and I am inclined to agree when there are meats that are actually better for them and more turkey and chicken, and eggs, which we're gonna start soon as a once or twice a week thing, that should be fun. I bet they'll fight me on it...but then I thought that with chicken livers too, and I had a right to since they fought me all the way on everything else! They must be good...

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This is kinda a duplicate post for the ferret lovers. I also posted this in a picture thread elsewhere. lol

Ferrets...Ren was throwing a tantrum because I caged them while I cleaned my tanks. Can't have them out for that because they would get squashed while I carried heavy things and can't see my feet. They are -always- under foot. It's funny though, Cooper is usually the one who throws tantrums, not Ren, she does so rarely. And she made a huge mess with her food and rolled in it, little butthead! Some of these photos just came out hilarious though. I HAVE to share them.

She really wants out. lol It looks like she's snarling, but she's about to bite the bars.

This one made me laugh so hard. She's like "Heeeeey you guuuuys! LEMME OUT!" They were out all day yesterday and all night because...I was so tired from some bad news I forgot to put them to bed. ^^; She really shoudln't be complaining so much!

Did I mention ferrets are NOT rodents? The teeth say it all. lol I'm so glad they never use them on me, they can break bones. THIS is why...if you get a ferret, you MUST bite train and socialize it...otherwise someone, if not you, will end up on the receiving end eventually, and they hate letting go.

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So, woke up around ten today, came down, got a drink and sat here to read up on a few things. I kept hearing this noise...scratching sounds and things moving about. Thought my cat was having her daily moment of "Make noise and run around like an idiot knocking things over" as usual....then I saw her sitting behind me in her chair and heard a can fall in the kitchen. I go in there and it's COOPER! My ferret for those of you who don't know. He climbed up pa's coat to get on the counter, the little turd...and what's worse, he has this obsession with peanut butter and someone left the lid off and didn't put it away. Even without the risk of pets...eww, bugs, leaving food out can draw rodents...ich. So yeah, he's obsessed with it, LOVES it, I know he got some because when I picked him up I could smell it on his breathe.
I may have to call the vet, so far he seems alright...aside from explosive diarrhea. x.x Keeping him hydrated, which is easy because he's as obsessed with big bowls of water as he is with peanut butter. Had to go around the house with bleach wipes to make sure I got it all thoroughly so pa doesn't get sick. That was unexpected, how'd he get out? No idea. o-o; Someone must have opened their door. I told everyone they were free roaming in their ferret room, thought I locked it someone did a stupid. =-= They're not supposed to be out in the house unless someone is there to monitor, and nobody was.

There we go, story of the day. No new photos or video though, sorry! =( My cameras uh...the thing that hooks to the camera to download photos onto the comp seems to be broken.

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