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I don't know if I'm more jealous of the terrarium or of the quality of the photos!

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Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

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Thanks for the sweet words, you guys!!!

Agent! I was hoping you'd be by with some advice for a newbie! I'll definitely look more into them, these guys don't seem picky in the least so far, so I'm sure they'd eat them. Not so sold on bringing roaches into the house, though! O.O

Sandy, that would be such a fun project! We didn't start from taddies, but my girls really love the toads, and we've all had a great time learning about them! You should definitely do this over the summer, and be sure to post so we can follow the progress, too!
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These may be my favorite images taken this summer. . . simple as they are.

I left this tiny spice jar out overnight without the lid. In the morning we had a tiny surprise visitor!
WoObie the land snail lived with us for a few days before we released him into the garden. . . <3
(these images are quite a bit larger-than-life)

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WOW!! Your terrarium looks amazing! Like something you'd see in a public aquarium! And those little toad faces are just too cute! It so neat to see what your outdoor emmersed experiment has become. Simply beautiful.


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Once again you've made something so beautiful and inspiring I just want to swoon dead away. This truly looks GORGEOUS, Chesh, you've really done a wonderful, wonderful job. Any way I can convince you to turn the 125 into a Riparium? 'Cause you would ROCK that.

Seriously, though. I'm waiting for job offers from public aquariums and museums to start rolling in for you, cuz that is like 800x better than what I've seen in public places.

I just can't word vomit enough about how flippin' GORGEOUS everything you touch is!
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You guys are so sweet! Thank you for all the kind words!!! *ish speechless*

I stumbled onto pictures of the rolly polly habitat from October, it's closed now, but I thought I'd share them. Nothing snazzy, just a 3g CritterKeeper with some dirt, gravel, and ivy from the back yard. Me and the little ones had a great time with it while it lasted - we had spent the summer learning about these guys, but brought them in for the toads. Kind of mean, but. . . at least they seemed happy while they were with us!

Three cheers for Pill Bugs!
(cutest bugs evah!) ^___^
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i cant even count all the times i tried to make a rolly polly home when i was little!!! they always died tho bc i never knew what to feed them and all that was in the box or zip lock bag i kept them in was dirt.... but maybe the was what killed them in hind sight lol

Fish tanks are like potato chips, you can't have just one!!!

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Awww, I'm so sad for little-girl Penny and her failed attempts! Thank goodness for the internet! It's so much easier to find info on anything now. . .

I only had this up for a few months, but they did really well - it was lots of fun to watch them, too. They're omnivores, and actually very easy to feed - we stuck to plant matter. They happily nibbled on the plants, moss, and dead leaves in their little setup, and we gave them bits of fruit and veggies, too! I've been asked, and am not sure, if they bred for us - but there were many tiny ones in there that I don't remember catching - so maybe. You should try it over the summer! Make up for all those childhood experiments gone awry! ^__^

I've seriously been considering getting some Porcellio dilatatus when the weather warms up - not for the toads, but to actually keep as pets! They're much bigger than the little guys we find in our backyard, can grow up to around 20mm. Neat critters. . . I <3 Isopods!
lol. . .*ish a nerd*
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Reference Team
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How cute.. The little rolly polly home is very similar to what mybdaughter starts making every spring. She loves setting it up and planting it then collecting rolly pollies earthworms and such. It goes out on the deck and ends up with the occasional tree frog trying to call it home.

I promise you the small and extra small dubias really do look almost just like your rolly pollies. I find it funny that ill handle dubia roaches almost daily yet if i see a regular roach i freak out haha. Im such a buggist.
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