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koi pond work in progress

let me know what you think....
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work in progress my butt! that thing is the best! how deep is it in its deepest spot? how many koi live in there?
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It's four feet deep at the deepest part and around twenty eight inches at the lowest, there's around ten koi and thirty small comets in it.....

I still have some work to do around the back of the waterfall....
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yeah i think after youve got that black part covered somehow it'll be one of the best ponds ive ever seen! do you have an estimated cost or like some construction photos im sure we'd all love to see those
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It's beautiful! I would love to have that in my backyard. :D

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Details! Details! It looks awesome but how did you do it? Is the water fall and all the rocks real or manufactured lighter ones? How high is the water fall?

Awesome pond whatever way it is made. Should be home to more than fish in no time. Has to be local frog or other critter that will find it to be home soon.
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Yes i do have some construction photo's, i did all the work myself, I would do it when i got home from my " day job" working on it here and there...so i can't really say how long exactly it took.... maybe about two months all together....i would say start to finish it cost around three thousand dollars, the most expensive things were the rocks themselves.........

here's some pictures of the filtration system, it's a biofalls filter.........
basically a big basin with a plastic grid that you put a large round sponge over then bags of lava rock ( for the bateria ) on top of that...........
ran heavy duty rubber hoses through pvc pipe and concealed them underground.

just to give you an idea of how big it is, the bridge is eight feet in length going across the pond, the waterfall is four feet across, and the length of the pond itself is around twenty feet or more...............
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The rocks are all real, and very heavy lol.... i had to make a small hill in order to get that " river effect" I would say it is about three and a half feet off the ground. this whole area used to be nothing but flat grass i had to construct the whole thing...

The waterfall or filter iself is a plastic basin that i had run over onto large pieces of slate and other rocks to make the steps of the waterfall.

The bottom of the pond is lined with the same small river rock that you see around the edges with some various size rocks mixed in..when i make these things i want it to look like you just happened upon it in nature...

oh i used a heavy mill pvc liner for the pond

there are two sumps each running around 300 gallons an hour over the water fall...they are concealed much better than you see in the pics now...
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thanks for all the compliments by the way...
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