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Worst horror fish stories

i was up late last night watching youtube videos of a guys brand new $30 jawfish being eatin by his arrow crab and i was thinking someone must have worse. so does anyone have something that can top that? like a $100 dollar or more new angle hanging out of the mouth of there lionfish the next day? i love to here your stories
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when i upgraded my reef not to long ago a few of my corals had some chemical warfare making the tank milky white and killing off alot of my livestock. i lost all lps and sps corals and a few fish and inverts. it wasnt a complete tank crash and i dont want to think how much money i lost but it was over $100.
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I came home one day in my freshwater aquarium to find that a Giant Gourami (not the big one, the small one with the common name of "giant") was chasing a 6'' Albino Oscar and beating him senseless. The Oscar was one of my prized fish... gorgeous. Never in a million years did I expect a 3'' Gourami to cause problems for an Oscar twice its size. Dollar wise, this wasn't much of a loss, but i will never forget this one.
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damn that must of sucked! oscars are so beautiful! there the lionfish of the freshwater world in my opinion. my dad use to have a tiger oscar i believe it was called. it easily dominated his 55 gallon tank! he couldn't put another fish in there. he always tried to putt a catfish in there but it just ended up being a $6-$9 snack for him. the thing would eat so many feeder goldfish at once you could see the things though his gills!
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Here's one for you guys....... about 7 years ago I had a 200 gallon (sort of a community tank)... the only things in this particular tank were a really great lava rock formation that I designed, two large Convict Cichlids (male and female), a very large freshwater blue lobster (that eventhough it wasn't that big, still held it's own against the Convicts), and a very large Chinese Arrowana (if I remember correctly it must have been between 18 and 22 inches long). Anyway, I was doing a monthly water testing and water change (vacuuming,scrubing ...everything), and I had the glass tops off of the aquarium. I also had friends over (basketball season),watching a Laker game while I was cleaning. Well, something happened in the game that excited everyone and all of the guys and gals jumped up and screamed, etc. etc. I guess this spooked the crap out of the arrowana because he took a jetting leap out of the surface of the water (faster that I thought those things could swim) and leaped out of the tank (which was near a wall) and SMACKED right into the wall, face first. Believe it or not, he killed himself. I don't know how... maybe it was from shock because I didn't think he hit himself that hard, but whatever the case.... he died
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{Shaking head from side to side}

Arrowana are something else. I remember many years ago when my mom called me one day at work. She heard our arrowana flopping around on the floor upstairs and didn't know how to pick it up. It was a good 18-24 inches in size. I told her to wrap it with a wet bath towell and throw it back into the tank.

Fortunately it lived. Funny story however.
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Pasfur...you need to retell "the clown fish on the sweater" story.

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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Ahhhh yes, the Clown Goby on the sweater.

So, my current 54 gallon reef is an upgrade from a 38 gallon. The Clown Goby was a happy fish in this tank, which I ran open top. I added a Six Line Wrasse and the troubles began. One day I noticed my Clown Goby had disappeared. I assumed that it was killed by the Six Line Wrasse and then eaten by the crabs and snails. Or perhaps it jumped out of the tank and was eaten by my dog.

A couple of months (?) went by and then one day my wife (then fiance) starts screaming at me from the other room. She had found our Clown Goby, dead and dried up, attached to one of her sweaters. LOL I'm not sure how it got there, but I assume the dog carried it into the other room and dropped it on her sweater!
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I'm only sharing this one (non-fish related) because of your sweater story.

One Thanksgiving, I went to cut into my plate of turkey and my brother's chameleon (which had been missing for approx. 2 days), leapt off of my plate and went running to parts unknown. I hadn't seen it and must have grazed it with the knife. I set off a chain reaction scream around the table.

Fast forward a few days when my mother went to change the sheets on my brother's bed. Tucked in the bottom of the sheet at the foot of the bed was the dried dead chameleon.

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dude i'd walk around town with the clown gobie on my shirt XD
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