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The world

As many know I'm in the military; and I would like to get your veiw on the situation going on over sea's now (Iraq)
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I don't think I like the situation; however, I really don't feel either side is to blame entirely. I honestly feel that the U.S. should just pull out and allow the people to rebuild their nation; I know there would be trouble but I don't think the situation would be too much worse. Right now, though, I'm not sure there is an excellent solution that will benefit everyone.
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There is one excellent solution: we just pull out but with who know who that won't happen yet.
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Yes I think that's the best thing to do (pulling out) given the circumstances. Personally I think the American government should mind it's own business (no offense) and keep to itself unless offering humanitarian aid. We've got so many problems right here; we should focus on our own people first.
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The thing that disturbs me the most is the ten of billions of dollars that we are spending on this war. The U.S. has cut out money for it's schools, has cut out money for the Fish and Wildlife Dept., and by the time I retire there will be no Social Security for me when I retire even though I pay Social Security out of every check I work for. We have got Sadam, why are we still there?! I think we need to put the money we are wasting, back to the U.S. We have U.S. soldiers dying, and for what?
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I'm dang proud of our men and women serving overseas. I'm proud to live in a country that is willing to stand up for whats right. But I do believe that we've overextended our stay. The Iraquies need to rebuild their own country. The money wasted on this war is of little concern to me compared to the lives that we've lost over there. Although a tiny fraction of the money they've spent on the war could have funded a very nice Reef Tank for me. I think I'll ask Bush for a loan.

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Does it put a new perspective if i say that many non americans think that the US in being involved in the war is protecting smaller countries from becoming terrorists' bases?
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