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You're refreshing to talk to, 1KRR. There seem to be a lot of track snobs up here who refuse to admit how many times they've gone off-roading, and who bash novice track riders on the local forum. I.e., unless you're dragging knee, stay off the track. I left my local rider's forum because of the backstabbing, hypocrisy and snobbery.

You must be on 1000rr.net as well? I'm on 600rr.net, but mainly lurk. My favourite forum in the one I first joined back when I had a Ninja500.

I haven't had any close calls and crazy saves like you. The closest I've come to a pucker moment lately was dropping the bike into 1st by mistake, dropping the clutch and locking up the rear coming into T1 at Shannonville last week. It was nothing, thankfully!

Do you watch MotoGP? My Gawd, some of their saves...
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Thanks for the compliment, and you are as well :)
I am registered on 600.net, but I don't post on there, I used to post on TON on 1000RR.net, but there was a little uprising over there a few years back and a bunch of us packed up and started up a new site (well, one guy had the domain already, I just went along for the ride) but that one is 1000rr.us. So that's where I hang out now. Real cool group of ppl. Small site around 600 members. Everyone knows each other real well, and a bunch of us have met and stuff, so it's just a cool environment.

I hear ya on dropping to low in the gearing. Iv'e done that too lol. before I got a slipper clutch I did it a lot just coming in to hot. Then you just prey it's going to stop wagging before you blow the turn lol.

Once I got the slipper in there, I was starting to do it on purpose so I knew how hot I was coming in. The slipper makes it much more forgiving. (not first gear, but 2nd or 3rd)

I love the moto gp races! What's even more cool is watching some of the isle of the man stuff...Or any of the series where they block off the streets. Those guys are nuts!
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I'm jelly of your slipper clutch! I finally popped for Vortex rearsets last summer, but a slipper clutch remains just out of my financial reach.

My dad bought me a copy of Closer to the Edge for Christmas. I watched it with my b/f. He fell asleep! I don't understand how anyone falls asleep during that. Seeing TT Isle of Man live is on my bucket list.
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Vortex are by far my favorite! Congrats! I need that nasty spiky grip they offer, without them, my outside foot would be slipping off all the time. Even with them sometimes I slip off here and there lol.

Yeah, I was going to ask next if you could swing the cost of a slipper clutch. I have STM, but a lot of the ppl I know are running yoyodyne ($600ish I think for yoyo) and are plenty happy with it as it seems. Besides a luxury, I really kinda look at it as a safety net. I suppose some ppl would call it cheating...And maybe it is, I probably would have had a few more wipeouts without it :D I know this stuff is expensive, but I would try and put that next on your list of add ons. You will love it!

I'm sure you have ppl filling your head with so much advice, your ready to pop, I know I was.... All I can say is have fun out there. Trackdays are too expensive to not have fun.

Next,if I can add anything, someone told me this, and it was the best advice I ever got. Always try to just work on one thing per track day, and stay focused mostly just on that one thing. Be it, getting your head down and pointed where it should be, or foot positioning, or learning brake markers etc. For me, Foot position was the hardest thing. I think I spent a good 5 track days or more focusing on just that alone trying to get my outside heel locked in and inside up on my toe. As you know, in a tight track, it's sometimes hard to do that quickly. Always a work in progress.

Going back to the knee dragging thing and the ppl on the local site...Meh. They can act how they will, you gotta know they did not go out there and set a knee down on their first trackday. No one does.
It's too easy for a bully to talk shtuff behind a KB. That's why I like this small forum I am on. Most everyone is real transparent that way as to where they are at in their learning curve.

I can't remember how long it took me to be honest, but it was a while for sure. I just remembered the first time it freaked me out a bit and I lifted my leg back up a bit right away. Then after that, you start toying with it a bit. THEN you get over confident and do your best to grind you pucks as much as you can...THEN after a while (lol) you start to realize that you are blowing too much money on pucks and you try and go light on them again and lift off when you can. Funny how it goes full circle.

The site I hang out on, even though it's 1000rr.us, is far from just 1000's anymore. A lot of the guys there have moved into 600's for trackdays, and there is all kinds of other bikes on there now, I think Honda has become the minority in fact lol. I've been considering moving into a 600 myself since it's really a better suited track bike for most tracks. A few of the guys there are even toying with 250 racing right now after racing 1000's and saying it's the most fun they ever had on the track.
It's an invite only site (it's how they keep out the inflated egos and jerks/squids in general) so if you're interested in checking it out. Shoot me a pm, and I'll get you in there. I think you would be a good fit :)
They don't care at all where you are at in the learning curve, just be transparent as you are on here, and you'll be a great fit.

OK, Long post from me again, sorry about that lol. I'm a world class rambler.
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Mine would be shooting (rifles, shotgun, and pistol), billiards, watching football, wrestling (real wrestling, wrestled in college), watching baseball, and reading.
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Riding motorcycle when weather permits, racing 1/10th scale short course trucks and playing guitar
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Hmm. What if fish is our entire life?

Kidding, I like to write (horror mostly, nothing published), play Xbox 360, watch movies, fish, and go hiking.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Originally Posted by R1junkie View Post
Riding motorcycle when weather permits, racing 1/10th scale short course trucks and playing guitar
I can guess what you ride!


I totally forgot about this thread.

And Hi Eddie!
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Originally Posted by Stormfish View Post
I can guess what you ride!

Yup love My R1 even though it's older it runs like a champ!
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Originally Posted by R1junkie View Post
Yup love My R1 even though it's older it runs like a champ!
I'm the same way with my CBR. It's 7-years-old, but it sure is close to minty fresh! Aside from the tail damage when I crashed it at the track. Heh heh!
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