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Thunder, Lightning and ...............Snow

We are under a winter snow and weather advisory until Monday AM. We have had this advisory since late Friday PM. While on the forum Saturday night/Sunday morning, I looked outside of the window. It was almost a white out. Then I saw this bright flash followed by a HUGE clap of thunder. I almost soiled my laundry. Must be the effects of global warming, huh?
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same here but no thunder and lightening, snow and wind, and snow.

seems pretty natural for me... last year it didnt snow here until January now that is global warming!
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post #3 of 19 Old 12-16-2007, 02:41 PM
We tend to go in more for rain than snow, though through Dec - Feb snow is quite common. Only had one incident of snow so far this year a week or 2 back.

I don't remember having a combination of all three before. Smow and wing yes, thunder, lightening and rain, yes, but never snow with thunder and lightening. Sounds good. I love being all warm and inside when the weather is disgusting outside. :)
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Well, it's Sunday PM. The snow stopped a few hours ago. We are now experiencing 30mph winds with 40mph gusts. We've made it through the worst, I believe. Power stayed on although the lights did flicker a couple of times. It looks like there may be about 8"-10" on the ground. I can't really tell because of the drifting.

Hannah, our Boston Terrier pup, has a hard time navigating outside. She is only about 9" tall. Watching her try to fine a place to do her duty is kind of comical. She fell through a 24" drift and just about spazzed out. I had to rescue her. Didn't have any rum, though. Momma finished the last of that last night drinking Pina Coladas.

I was out a little while ago, needed to get a paper. Besides, I wanted to see what the conditions were like on the outside. Road crews have done a very good job and the main highways. The side streets, wel, that is a different story. Crews will probably get the butts handed to them overnight. No traffic to help keep the roads clear.

Well, I'll update in the morning. I must say that I'm glad I don't live in the Northeast. I hear they may have gotten it worse than us in the Great Lakes area. It sure does seem like we have had a lot of extreme weather around lately, rains in the Northwest, ice across the Plains............
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Global warming huh, must be why my wardrobe has gotton twice as thick as it was a couple years ago. Maybe I need to move south.

Maybe we can swap storms next year.
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mmm snow day today! no school! hurray!

i love storms<3
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Originally Posted by MegK
mmm snow day today! no school! hurray!

i love storms<3
You sure are strange, Meg.

As long as they don't cause power outages, feel free to like them.

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We have no snow, no rain, no wind, nothing. It is only dark all day long, and unbearably dark in the mornings and in the evenings.

We have heard about the terrible snow storms in America.
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Glad to hear you made it through the storm alright, herefishy!

Mirta, I was going to ask where you are from, but then I remembered I could just click the Phoogle Map link beneath your post. How long before the darkness you described ends?
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glad to see you are getting on o with the weather,
stay warm and safe.
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