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A little slice of my life.......

Lets go back to Thursday at 3:45 I was sitting at Arby's Drive thru window waiting on my food. When I started to smell something odd for my car about the same time my wife says she smells antifreeze and I did too. So I look at my temp gauge just to realize it is pegged out at 260 . So I pull over to a parking spot shut the Jeep off. I tell my wife to go in and get the food. At this moment I am tizzy as I have to be at work at 5. Just so its understood why I am this way my house and work are both across town about 15 mins driving time. Your thinking okay not that far well your right but I still have to make it home and change and drive to work which is another 10 mins from my house. Well I can't leave my Jeep there soo now I have to get a tow truck which usually takes forever. So I call my mom to come and get my wife and my daughter to take them home. Then I call a tow truck at this time its already after 4 so I call my boss to let him know I am going to be late getting there. My mom shows up like 10-15 mins later and it starts raining. So I take my daughters car seat out of the jeep and put it in my moms car and get the food and see them off. By this time it is pour buckets. Which is when the tow truck comes go figure right. So now I am soaked and still have to make it home in time to change clothes and get to work on time cause even though I called my boss to let him know i might be late I will still get a half of point if I am. 9 points in a year and your fired where I work. So i don't want that as I already have 3. Well i manage to make it will 2 mins to spare soo thats a relief.
Well I am working 11hr days 7 days a week right now will probably be that way for 4 weeks atleast. Monday will be the start of my 3rd week. With that said it doesn't really give me much time to get stuff done around the house so what happens of coarse something breaks.

The next moring I get up and fill the radiator back up with water to see what might be leaking. I didn't see anything so I started the jeep up and still didn't see anything leaking the whole time I had the radiator cap off. So now I am just on what happen. Well in hins sight I should have put the cap back on to pressure the system back up. I didn't I know bad. Well I went a head took the thermostat out as it need to be replace in the process I thought I would replace the water pump as well. Now I am NOT a mech. but I can usually get things apart it might not always be the best way but it works most of the time.

Well let me back up When I got up on Friday I ran to the store to get a water pump and a thermostat. I came home to take the jeep apart to get to front of the motor to even get them. In the process I realized I don't have half the tools I need so back off to the store I go to get wrenches. At this point I just get standard why I don't know but I did. So I come back home and start to take the clutch fan off and all the nuts are 1/2 inch except for ONE! Its a 12metric! At these point I am getting mad so I go back to the store and get another set of wrenches that I should have gotten in the first place. I come back home get all the stuff of the front of them motor to get to the thermostat and water pump. Just in time to have to quit and take a shower to go to work or another 11hrs.

On Saturday. I put the new thermostat in and bolt the cover down. I go to take the water pump off to replace it just to realize I can't get it off cause the housing to the thermostat is in the way So yeah now I have to take it back off. Which I did already and then I took off the water pump. I also bought new hoses top and bottom for the radiator. So after taken the old water pump off I decide to go ahead and replace the bottom hose. I go to get ahold of the clamp for the bottom and realize it is on the bottom side of hose and right under that is a skid plate and some braces so now I am thinking great how that crap do I get to that. After fighting with that for what seem like forever and not getting anyway I got mad took of the skid plate to get t the clamp. Took the old hose off and put the new one on and put back the skid plate. Get up and go to put the hose on the new water pump and fight and fight and fight to get the hose clamp on in right place. Got sooo mad that I throw my channel locks down the driveway. Which was dumb as now I have to go get them. Well after getting them back I had my wife help me hold the water pump with me trying to get clamp in the right place. Well somewhere in this process I put a hole in the radiator!!!!!!
My head is spinning at this point! My blood pressure is skyhigh now and I have a major headache and sick to my stomach. Not taken my blood pressure meds in like 4 days didn't help that matter any but thats how mad I was at myself for not being more careful. So now I have to take it out and get it fix or buy a new one. Now I already have $45 in a towing bill, $80 in parts not to mention the tools I had to buy and now I am looking at another $125 for a new radiator if I can't find someone who might be able to fix it.

This is about how most of my days go. Anything and everything I touch usually winds up broke messed up or something. It might not be right away but it will shortly after. The laminate flooring I put down earlier this year in my house is already messed up as it is coming a part in a few places. My fish tank is getting no attention that it needs other then water changes. My other vehicle is falling apart and just when I think I am going to finally get caught up on bills something else happens. Prime example the Jeep. My stess level is maxed to the point that I have start smoking again after quiting four months ago. Now I get to work on Jeep again on fathers day and then go to work yet again. Oh if your wondering I will actually get a day off the week of the fourth just because I have schedule vacation that week. Sorry for the rant just need to vent a little.....

P.s Over look any messed spelled words or fill in the blanks if I left out a word as it is now 5:30 in the morning and I have yet been to bed.

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Dang maybe you'll great a break this winter when business slows down, It might be a long shot but try a junkyard for the radiator, could save you a few bucks

Don't worry every bad day will end up making the next feel better

That would make sense. Haven't you heard? We make yogurt, not sense.

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Originally Posted by Varkolak View Post
Dang maybe you'll great a break this winter when business slows down, It might be a long shot but try a junkyard for the radiator, could save you a few bucks

Don't worry every bad day will end up making the next feel better
Might try that but I have to actually manage to get the stupid thing out first! It has 2 hex screws just 2 why I don't know when everything else are bolts and nuts. I can't seem to find mine right now. Anyways I have a friend at work who I believe can weld it up. I have never had much luck at junkyards as they want to much
and I generally can get the part new for a few more dollars. Forgot to mention as soon as I get the Jeep fixed it has to go back to body shop for the second time to get the right mirror put on the drivers side and the headliner redone as it falling down again after they "fixed" it but that's a totally different story!

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So after having a later start then I wanted to I went out and got some more things for the Jeep mainly a pressure tester for the radiator and a few other things. So I get home put the water pump and the hose with a different style clamp as I got mad at the orignal and threw it in the woods. Then I put the Thermostat cover back on. Notice I said just the cover yeah my STUPID @@@ forgot to put the thermostat itself back in. Anyways got a closed loop back on the system and I feel it with water and see if it leaks nope no water. So I then put the tester on it and see what happens. Well it won't hold pressure at all and I here hissing! So I start look and the radiator as big crack in it. Not from where I thought I put a hole in it (BTW i didn't actually mange to make a hole just thought I did.) but on the other side on the hard plastic sides. So I need a radiator for sure. The bad part of the this story is that probably was the whole reason the jeep overheated in first place. SO I probably just replace hoses, water pump, and thermostat for nothing. Well I mean its okay that I did and wont have to again for a long time but I could have just gotten a radiator and thats it. So should have tested the system first then replaced parts. Please oh Please tell me that I am not alone on this and others have done similar things????????

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So I went to lunch about an hour ago and wasn't talking to my wife about places I need to go and her having a dentist appoint. Being we only have a small ford ranch now. Its going to be hard to get everything done before I have to.be back at work. So I told her why does she ask my mom to take her to the dentist and she says Oh yeah your mom says Since you never call her your father is having his prostate taken out this Thursday due to his cancer spreading. Now I am thinking why can't she call me and leave a message!??!!?!

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Hope you had a nice Fathers day anyway, Thoughts and prayers to your Dad, sure he'll been fine, did you call him today?
Dont fret your not alone, many of us have gone threw same thing with our dyi repairs, you actually made me laugh I'm one to get frustrated quick when things dont go my way and throw things, Once a long time ago I was working on my old 74 Monte Carlo in my drive way, got so frustrated I slammed my wrench to the ground, it lands at an awkward angle and bounces right threw my basement glassblock window, lol after I got car fixed I had to replace the window. Good Luck on the Jeep
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You know Hanky I got too wrapped up in getting the things I needed to get done that I forgot about calling him today. Will make it a point to call tomorrow as I am thinking I am not going to be able to get the things done that I need to so will make that top of my list. As far as my fathers day it was good considering. When I went out shopping today my daughter was with me and she help me for a few working on the jeep.
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Yikes! When it rains it pours doesn't it? We've all had weeks like you for one reason or another so hang in there.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he's ok :(

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Rainy days with No chance of Sun!

So today I got a letter in the mail stating I owe $5450.00 for a car accident dating back to the first of the year so I call cause I don't remember having any car wrecks back then? So.when I finally get Ahold of someone it turns out its from one of my trees falling on a neighbors car. Now I thought we had that worked out cause I gave them my insurance back then and I never heard anything else.about till now. Now I know from talking to my insurance that they won't cover it as it is an act of God. I told the lady that on the phone and she said she still wanted to talk to them. So now I am worried that I am going to be suck with a bill that high and cannot afford to pay it and it's going to be hard to come up with a payment as I am already strapped for cash as it is! I know you are thinking I am making this crap up but I promise you I am not on top of it I am running on 4 hours of sleep and have 11 hours to go before I can even think about closing my eyes

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Dang that all sucks. 260 is high for overheating, I personally wouldn't of gotten a tow though. Probably would of been faster to just cool it down using the hot air. Then slowly vent off the pressure till you can get the coolant cap off and pour some water in there to get you home. Thats what I do at least. Except when I was chasing a coolant leak for month and got fed up with it and drove the car home at 250* steaming so I could figure out where the water was spraying from lol. It was a small coolant hose with the clamp not on far enough.

Yeah DIY repairs can be a huge headache. I did my cars timing belt once and we replaced the camshaft seals. We ended up putting the cam shaft sprocket on backwards. It had timing marks on both sides for some reason. My car was not happy about that >.<

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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