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Question Getting Fish TB Water in Eyes.

Hello All,

I feel so silly writing this post but after reading on the internet about fish TB I have scared myself.

I have a 50 Gallon guppy tank and I recently purchased new guppies which started showing signs of TB and started dropping off one by one. Today I decided to take them out and quarantine what I had left and drained the tank. I had drained the water into a bucket and in carrying it to the drain I tripped on the cat who got under my feet and I dropped the bucket which back splashed up into my face and for sure into my eyes.

I was wondering how concerned should I be?

I am a foreigner based out in Asia and I did go to a hospital nearby after an internet search, but when I tried explaining the situation they thought I was crazy.

Any advice would be helpful.


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Getting Fish TB Water in Eyes.

Fish TB is on a very short list of diseases you can get from your pets. It's pretty rare though - if I recall correctly you're more likely to get it from a public pool or something. So, while it's good to be aware of, I don't think you should freak out.

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