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Dreams you refuse to believe are just dreams

I had this dream many years ago that has stuck with me and it felt so real that I'll never forget it. Something drew me outside, it was a night well lit by the moon. I walked to the sliding glass door and onto the deck, looking up to the sky, it was filled with stars and I could almost feel them. There was hardly a cloud in sight and as I was looking at the endless stars one caught my eye, faintly flickering I stared at it and couldn't look away. Suddenly I felt frozen in place and something was pulling my almost instantaneously to this flashing light, and then I was there.

I "landed" on a platform with this giant enforcer robot walking towards me but not at me, to my right I saw other robot beings going about on whatever task they had. It was a place that had endless flawless levels, like metal balconies as walkways as far down as I could see in the glance I got. The whole place had a organic-free utopia like feel to it and it felt very orderly as if every being was built and programmed this way. Then just as quickly as I had been taken there I was pulled back.

Now it was summer and I live in NE Ohio and the star was in the SE in I think june, in case we have any astronomers around. I drew a very crude and crappy picture in paint of the layout of the place and took a picture from WoW, which is the enforcer I saw like exactly but saw it years before I started playing. Dont laugh too much at my paint skills, it 4am and I've had a few drinks. Please share your really real dreams along with crappy depictions.
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Hmm.. I cant say I've had a dream I can still remember at this point. I know I've had some I remember for a couple months even but over time details get confused and eventually I forget it altogether.

I was listening to a radio documentary just yesterday about "waking sleep" or as some cultures believe it's a visit from "the old hag". Basically what happens is during deep REM sleep your eyes open and you can actually see your room and such, but your dreams are "imposed" onto what you see. For most people you physiacally cant move during this process as your muscles are being supplied with a certain chemical. So it can often be a terrifying experience, this accounts for the vast majority of alien abduction stories. To the people experiencing them, they were real because they were in fact partly conscious. It can really mess with peoples mind as often these dreams will occur several times close together, then will stop for a period.. sometimes decades then come back. If you dont understand what is happening it will likely cause you to believe something has been watching you, such as aliens following up on their "experiment".

Thought I'd share this with you, as mentioned you willl likely experience a similar dream again at some point in your life.
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That's probably happened to me, I used to sleep walk as a kid and I remember a couple times where I was walking through my house and the floor came alive. The most terrifying times though we're when I woke up in a dark closed closet.
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