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Book knowledge vs experience knowledge

I wanted to get opinions from you all about fish knowledge. What do you think is the better to have: book knowledge, experience knowledge, or both in fishkeeping?

For me, I think that having both is better because you can look back on your experience and reading of fishkeeping and really help someone who is having the same problem as you did before and you can reference what you are talking about from the book(s) you have read.

So, what do you think is the better to have: book knowledge, experience knowledge, or both in fishkeeping?
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Both have there place and fill different roles. I have read a lot of books on keeping fish and what fish need but none of them will fully allow you to understand how to keep fish health. That is where experience comes into play.

I use books to learn about fish I have not keep before. So for example I was reading up on Dwarf Cichlids a few weeks ago. This gives me a basic knowledge on what to look for on fish and how to set up a tank for them. But you do need to watch because some of the books are very old and the info is out dated.

You can follow Old Fort Exotics on You Tube and on my Fish room thread.

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both have a relevance but theres a lot of older information out there that is detrimental to your fish and your mind.books have a place but you got to be careful of some oldschool information in them .....I remember reading that discus and angelfish are good tankmates ,what they didnt say was that angels eat faster than discus and once mature and pair up they become territorial ,much to the detriment of the discus.Personally im lucky ,my learnig curve was shortened as aguy i knew as a kid bred and showed goldfish
An ability to adapt from what you read to real life is a neccessity
lots of mistakes have been made by all of us ,sometimes they were costly ones
reading that xxyxxyy fish only breed at a certain time of the year but after doing some big water changes they breed .didnt say in the book that the breeding season coincided with the wet season or melting of ice after the winter freeze
google is a good place to do some reading but theres some dubious stuff on there too ,
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