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Wink amazing hobby!!!

finally back after a little break...finally have my tank stocked with a few fish for now....currently have 2 yellow labs,,1 cobalt blue zebra and waiting to get him a partner soon,,2 otocinclus catfish,,and recently added 2 jewel cichlids,,i know there a little mix of species in there but they are all fairly small at the moment and seem to get on fine together and nobody bothers the catfish...i supplyed them with rocks caves,lighthouse,ceramic pot,and plants with a gravel bottom and sand top substrate..just orderd two new airstones to help agitate water oxigination and get more current ontop of my already running filter pump...i am keeping a close eye on the jewels as i do know they become aggresive when pair off and specialy when breeding but i have one aqua mode 600 tank running ready for any fry and to seperate the jewels and have another small tank setting up for other fish fry tank boss spike (yellow lab) is very dominant showing colours of and vibrating ect but is laid back with the rest and only gives a small chase then stops,,my blue zebra has taking a liking to my yellow lab and follows him as he was getting beaten up by a fellow blue zebra so i removed the bully and now he has alot more confidence ect..and dosent hide catfish are cool dudes they just hide in rocks then intise the other fish to give a little chase then they stop lol my jewels kinda stick to my planted section and keep to them selves but have no problem holding their own ground and freely roam around my tank..i only have a 36 uk gallon bowfront but when the jewels get to big and IF they become to nasty il hand them over to a freind...i am gobsmacked at the different characters these fish have and colour changes the go through or make..was very stressed starting off this new hobby but must say it is worth it as you go along,,fantanstic fish and great hobby!!
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sounds like you have a good setup and fun fish!

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7 Guppies, 2 Electric Blue Rams, Red Tail Shark, 5 Peppered Cory Cats, Hypostomus Pleco (currently 3"), 2 Dwarf Gouramis, 6 Black Skirt Tetras, Mystery Snails, Ghost Shrimp

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yea they are fun to watch but have to keep a close eye on the jewels,,they seem to get chased off a little bit by my mbuna but it nothing nasty but i know the jewels can turn and get priti nasty,,but any problems il sort it,,thanks though.
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