Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources - sidluckman's Album: 210 gallon FOWLR tank
210 gallon FOWLR tank
210 gallon FOWLR less than 2 years old. Bariene and Powder Brown Tangs, female bird wrasse, Heniochus acuminatus, H. Diphreutes, Chaetodon Lunula, Pomacanthus Annularis, P Navarchus.
the big picture
You can tell I'm an angel and butterfly guy. Sadly, I lost two of the fish in this picture to heat earlier this month: the Vagabond Butterfy and Male...
Navarchus Angel Acquired January 2010.
Long shot, for the time being, until I get a better one!
The Happiest of Butterflies: the Raccoon. Acquired in March of 2010
Bariene Tang
"Sid Luckman" my Annularis Angel. Purchased Feb 2009.
Ornery Powder Brown tang. Purchased April of 2010.
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