Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources - smmsjoseph's Album: 125 gallon Frontosa cichlid aquarium
125 gallon Frontosa cichlid aquarium
Fish stock. Green Terror, red Tail Shark, Troopheus Duboisi, Clown loach, rainbow fish, Blue Dolphin, Fairy cichlid. Filtration, 2217 Eheim, rated 100 Sun. Sun canister filter, and rated 75 gallon Ffluval hang on. Lightning T8 fluorescent lights. All Fish raise from juveniles. Tank has been running the 2015.
125 gallon tank with 8 month old frontosa
IMG 20170914 2120267 rewind
IMG 20170906 231442 burst 05
IMG 20171123 1444572 rewind
IMG 20171123 1442359 rewind
IMG 20171123 1452432 rewind
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