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Venustus Cichlid
Roughly 23cm Venustus Cichlid, aggressive with others, so he is on his own at the moment, but loves the attention and a lot of interactions. Bought his the way he was, looks like someone must have handed him in to the LFS, even they said he was aggressive and had to be kept on his own, one look at him and I had to bring him home, he's doing good, eats good, plays a lot and gives endless interactive whenever approach tank, his tank is filtered a lot with good flow of water, slight agitation to surface, as he loves eating the floating pellets, readings of water parameters are excellent, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, ph 7.9 temp 25.7c
20181025 125958
20181025 125921
20181025 125913
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