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Conversation Between Tikibirds and aselvarial
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  1. Tikibirds
    03-02-2014 09:40 PM - permalink
    And I was not a happy camper to have him sitting on my lap for 3 weeks
  2. Tikibirds
    03-02-2014 09:39 PM - permalink
    He loves car rides but not a happy camper for that one. Especially when he had to share prime space with my 3 remaining bettas.

  3. aselvarial
    03-01-2014 09:05 PM - permalink
    Well, he looks precious. We've moved with ours several times and one HATES car rides, the other loves them. But, wow, alaska to New York? that is brave! Hope you have one of the "loves car rides". And yeah, we get the "oh she's big for a Pomeranian". My husband laughs at that one every time.
  4. Tikibirds
    03-01-2014 02:51 AM - permalink
    His name is Mr Bubbles and he is 11 years old. I got him when I lived in Alaska and drove his fuzzy butt (along with fish and a chinchilla) to New York. I have had people ask me if he is an arctic fox before. Or a Pomaranian.
  5. aselvarial
    02-28-2014 11:35 PM - permalink
    Ok, out of nowhere I know, but OMG you have an Eskie!!! I never see those anywhere! Ours will be 10 this year and everyone always asks "is she a sammy puppy"? And when I say "no, she's a full grown eskie", they look at me and say "oh, I didn't know huskies came that small". (insert facepalming here) So, sorry, I just had to say Hi to another parent of an Eskie!
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