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  1. tiffanylucky
    10-30-2015 09:02 AM - permalink
    What kind of cat do you have?
  2. juliesybil
    09-26-2015 09:15 PM - permalink
    hello, i just came home to find my fish bob who seemed fine yesterday bloated, with protruding eyes and laying almost sideways at the surface. this mornings food was still at the top. im going to get to testing to get the water parameters for you, but i just wanted to post a pic while i did so. info for now is 3 gal filtered cycled tank, no tankmates temp is 78, i do 25% water changes every sunday using poland spring water, prime stress guard every 3 weeks 1 tsp of aquarium salt and safe start bb.
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  3. juliesybil
    08-19-2015 09:37 AM - permalink
    lol, i now have 12....i may be adopting Glaston from lilnaugrim as well. we have plans to meet up as soon as i get my car running. they are all so funny with their own little personalities! after glaston, im at maximum capacity. i no longer have a since electrical outlet in my bedroom (now fishroom?) how about you?
  4. savagebeautymnl
    08-18-2015 07:39 AM - permalink
    OMG how many fish do you have now since Harry? ;p I think we're on the same page - I've got 13 adults at the moment. Glad to know I'm not the only one...
  5. Hallyx
    04-26-2015 06:01 AM - permalink
    Thank you. He was a giant metallic plakat. The picture doesn't do justice to his coloration. There's a better pic in my album.
  6. juliesybil
    04-18-2015 02:18 PM - permalink
    thank you so much for posting the information about harrys face. i hadnt been able to find many answers online, and i dont know any betta people that could come by and take a look at him. i work at an animal hospital and our vets dont treat fish, so they have been unable to help. your purple guy is beautiful!! what kind is he? i have no idea what harry is...i cant figure out how to put pics in my post, but he is my avatar as well. good luck naming him, i like lalo.
  7. savagebeautymnl
    04-18-2015 03:51 AM - permalink
    Unmasked (dark faced) coloration used to be the norm on domestic bettas, but now with all the breeding they're becoming the exception. Partial masking can definitely look like stuff growing on their face.

    So glad to hear Harry's in good health, and becoming more comfortable in the home you've given him. :) The pellet trick is cute! I had done that before but now that I have (this is a little embarassing) 9 bettas i don't hand-feed to avoid contaminating. I've put off making an introductory post myself just cause of the sheer number of them. ;p

    I'm the worst with names, but I wanted to call my DT Lalo. After a composer I admire, and also that in tagalog "lalo" means "moreso", which he is in many ways - prettier, beefier, older and even seemingly smarter than the 8 others. :) Parents shouldn't play favourites but I can't help it!! He's the purplish-copper one in my avatar.
  8. juliesybil
    04-17-2015 10:36 PM - permalink
    hi! im not sure but i think you may be right about his tail, he doesnt look like other double veil tails. and he is beautiful. i think i was mistaking the natural coloring on his head for some kind of algae. i had just gotten him and he hid alot for the first 4 days or so. i have since put him in a 3 gallon with all a filter, heater and a hidey hole. he seems very happy now, as he is out and swimming all the time. he will even eat a pellet off of my finger! thank you for sending me a message, harry was an impulse purchase and has now become a favorite obsession. have you decided upon a name for your boy yet? any pics of him? best of luck with your new friend!
  9. savagebeautymnl
    04-17-2015 02:33 PM - permalink
    Hey Julie! I just wanted to pop by and say hi as a fellow newb here. ;p Also wanted to ask - is Harry a fused double tail? Because my own boy is as well (haven't decided on a name for him yet), and I haven't seen many others that have the same tail.

    Far as I know it's not acceptable by show standards, but I find the form so beautiful!

    BTW you might have better luck getting a diagnosis from the mods/experts with a clearer pic. I do hope he's not sick!
  10. juliesybil
    04-05-2015 09:15 PM - permalink
    please help. i just noticed that harry has some blackish green coloring on his nose and top of his head. as i just got him and he is coming out more, i dont know if this is just how he looks or if there is something wrong with him. the shipment of his conditioner and medication i got just to have on hand wont be here for days! i dont know how to put a photo i just took of his face on this post but its in my photo album. please help

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