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Originally Posted by Brandonl87 View Post
Hey Bryon, I just came across this articale and found it very interesting since i just moved my African Cichlids to a new tank thus a new light also. Which im using a home depot light fixture and just regular flourcent tubes. wht would you recommend for light on a 125g tank? Where i can dupilcate sunset sunrise?
Light is critical if there are live plants in the tank, and for this it must be adequate in intensity and spectrum. If there are no live plants, then the light is solely there to illuminate the aquarium and the intensity and spectrum are up to you, though one should never have more light than necessary for the health of the fish.

Sunset/sunrise can only be achieved using true daylight, as through the room windows. Once the room is lit, then the tank light can come on. And the tank light must go off before the room loses daylight. With lighting over the tank, you can have more than one tube and have them on different timers to come close to a similar effect.


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A friend has something like that for his discus tank.. He has those blue LED "moonlight" lights I think they're called, and they are timed to turn on in the morning for 1 hour, then the regular light turn on. Then in the evening the blue lights go on for one hour and the regular lights are off. I think that's the closest thing you can do with artificial light.

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Ah ok ty :). No plants are in the tank because they just tear them up.
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Originally Posted by Hallyx View Post
You can't use a dimmer with florescents.

You can, however, get timed dimmers.
Where could I fine these? And would TIMED DIMMERS work with florescent bulbs?

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Fluorescent bulbs operate on a very narrow band of voltage. You cannot dim them; they stay at the same output (approximately) until they go out.

You can get a timer to turn them on and off at any Home Depot sort of place.

You might get a timed dimmer there for use with incandescent bulbs. Certainly a theatrical supply house. You do the Google.
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Gotchya, already got the lights on timers to somewhat mimic sun rises/sets. Have had this set up for sometime, dont suppose I'll change it now. No googlein on my end, thanks folks.
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Byron, thanks for a wonderful Article, Helped me understand a lot, and i know now that once i do get my fish and start my tank my black out curtains will have to stay open to help with the lights. thanks for a great article.
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Salutations friends,
When I turn on the aquarium light the fish swim up to the top of the tank not towards the back to hide from the light. I guess this is the Pavlov effect I feed the fish when the light is turned on and I leave it on for a couple of hours. Most time the residents of aquarium are bathed in ambient light of the room. I have been in forest and there is not much light under the trees. No live plant soon a deep sand bed will be implemented.

Pavlov is about conditioned response.
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I have a standing floor lamp with three way bulb's(bright,dim,dimmer) that is on timer to come on an hour before tank light's come on.
This way fishes aren't spooked by sudden illumination over the tank(s).
Cory's,pleco's, some tetra',s run for cover as soon as the light's come on over the tank, but usually come out within the hour.

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