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Originally Posted by sassy101 View Post
Wow great post!

Ok now using this knowledge why don't you make a product that instantly cycles an aquarium or in less than 2 days anyway.

Would that even be possible?
Establishment of the nitrifying bacteria takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks under normal conditions. As i noted in the article, various factors can affect this. And no two aquaria will ever be identical due to natural biology.

Dr. Tim Hovanek who is referenced in the article has carried out very extensive work in this area. And he is now advocating a product he calls "Dr. Tim's One and Only" which is a bacterial supplement. He claims it will cycle instantly. I certainly do not question his knowledge and expertise, given that he led the team that discovered the true bacteria species and certainly developed the initial bacteria supplement products that do work to quicken the cycle, comparable to seeding the tank. Whether or not this new product does what he claims, I've no idea.


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For your consideration: the saga of a keeper whose tank cycled in less than a week using Dr Tim's One-and-Only.

I've heard of successes with Tetra Safestart, also invented by Dr. Hovanek, the precursor to O-a-O.

While I prefer using live nitrifying bacteria from my own established tanks, I think I'd advocate using one of these products rather than live bacteria from a questionable tank.

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This was a great read. Thanks for sharing it.

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

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I just joined TFK today so I can say thank you Byron for your post. I'm always looking for information and answers that are backed by scientific evidence. Your post cleared up a lot of confusion I've had for the past 2 year. Now I really want a planted tank, but I have a lot more to learn before I change to live plants.
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Xyliablue, Byron Hosking has not been active on this forum since July 2013, much to the detriment of the forum. We all miss him and the wisdom and information that he shared with us.

You would do yourself and your pets a great service by finding and reading all the articles by Byron.

A naturally planted tank (NPT) is indeed a high-order project requiring study and serious application to practice successfully. But all aquariums and their inhabitants would benefit from as many live plants as you can manage. In other words, you can grow into it. (Pun intended.) Check the "planted tank" sections of the forum for advice and coaching.

Welcome to the forum.
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